Women Representative Abandons Politics to Return to the United States

By Irungu Thairu Sat, 05/13/2017 @ 10:45am 1984 views 11 comments

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Garissa Women Representative Shukran Hussein Gure shocked her constituents on Friday when she informed them that she will not be seeking re-election, but will instead return to the United States where she is a citizen and left in 2012 to contest the seat.

Gure, who has represented Garissa as the Women’s Rep since 2013 on a Wiper ticket, says after must soul-searching and wanting to do what is best for her family, she decided the United States offers a more promising future for her and her family at this time. 

“FAMILY FIRST: After much prayer and soul searching, I have reluctantly decided to step down from the Garissa Women Representative race 2017. This is not easy for me. I did not get to this point lightly. Rather, it has been a matter of intense examination of my family, and my citizenship, while listening to many thoughtful voices in the process,” Gure posted on her Facebook page in announcing her decision.

An emergency meeting called by her clan elders in Garissa on Friday to persuade her to re-think her decision did not bear fruit, with Gure posting this on Saturday morning:

“I AM AMERICAN & MY DECISION IS FINAL. Last night, an emergency meeting was called by my clan elders in Garissa to discuss my decision of me going back to the place i pledged my allegiance to; THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The place where my children know as home and a country that has a promising future to my family. However, my decision is final, I have a family that really needs me and so I choose to listen to the voice of truth.

I understand the deep implications this has to the electorate and all everyone who depends on me financially, but I believe in family. Let's take care of our families first, then we can take care of other people even better. “

Gure lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota and run a business in the healthcare industry prior to leaving for Kenya to run for the Women’s Representative seat.



Sat, 05/13/2017 @ 12:17pm

Then you wonder what her motivation was when she went back to Kenya to run for that post. Was it serving the people or her deep pockets? Again is it now that it has dawned on her that she is American and not Kenyan? How about detaining her for being an imposter - a foreigner spending five years in the Kenyan parliament as an MP (Women Rep)? She sounds very rude in her explanation. Why go to the extent of showing how usesless she thinks Kenyan citizenship is yet it has kept her in parliament pocketing big money including salary, allowances, bonuses, CDF, and on top of that government provided body guards? I am thinking this woman has been siphoning money back to her business in Minesota and she is more than happy to kick the hand that had fed her. Didn't they say "asante ya punda ni mateke"? If she is genuine about thinking of her family, she wouldn't have brought this nonsense of her being an American citizen and the bright future it promises for her and her family. It would have just been enough to state "I am unable to contest again due to family issues and thank the Garissa people for giving me an opportunity to serve them". Full stop! Useless woman!

She is not used to Sitting Idle as Women Reps do in Kenya. She is used to Hard Work in the US. What do Women Reps do for Kenyan Women anyway? Nothing!!! Just a White Elephant post (at the EXPENSE of the TaxPayer).

@Guest 1, I agree with you the women rep seat in parliament is just another white elephant. Those already holding the posts have not demonstrated that it offers any value to the electorate. That said, this lady's reasoning and attitude in explaining why she is leaving to come back to America is troubling. She might be a hard working American but that does not qualify her attitude. She should have stayed and "worked hard" in America 5 years ago instead of taking advantage of the poor electorate in Garissa to boost her healthcare business in Minnesota using Kenyan Tax Payers money while she sat doing nothing in parliament. That does not sound like a hardworking person. If she is hardworking, did she ever contribute to any bill that would uplift the poor folks in Garissa? Did she ever do anything since she was already in parliament to change the way things are done and influence her parliamentary colleagues to actually work? Most probably like all other Kenyan MPs stole as much as she could from CDF and payed off her mortgage back in Minnesota. She is now coming back to sit and be a tourist not having to worry about bills. She is not hard working, she is a cheat! There are many of us who are also American citizens and work hard but will not demean Kenyan citizenship. She was born in Kenya and she has extended family there and the community that gave her a chance to go to parliament. Respect that!


Sat, 05/13/2017 @ 04:06pm

Hakika umenena @Hakika....her explanation is lame... wording borders on rudeness.


Sat, 05/13/2017 @ 04:46pm

Hii ni maringo mingi sana 'I AM AMERICAN & MY DECISION IS FINAL' then surrender the Kenyan passport if you do not consider yourself Kenyan. Show us what you did for Garissa women for those 5 years. All we can say is that you were one of the Mpigs who increased their salaries and benefits every now and then. Shame of you. take your ill gotten money back to Minnesota


Sat, 05/13/2017 @ 05:17pm

I wish to congratulate Shukran as a woman who conned senseless Kenyans more than shs 100m.in salaries and allowances for five years.And remember these women have been receiving shs 70m.per year ati to develop their counties Heko mama,you earned more than shs400m for nothing.Songa mama wachana nao wapige ndomo and i know they will welcome you if another chance arose

a shifta con-woman has no gratitude.

Mkenya halisi

Sun, 05/14/2017 @ 01:56am

Heeeee after stealing n earning illegal money now u can relax in USA n buy a house cash with that money.Hakika has said it all n he has spoken the truth about her so nothing to add.kwani 5 years ago u didn't know how important yr family was,Yes if u r a true American show us returning the Kenyan pp.Hii nonsense uache bana,usitubebe chapati kitunguu.Just earn more money because one day u will return some illegal salary mpigs added them unconstitutionally.

Her decision should not surprise anybody because this woman is a Somalian citizen first, a US citizen secondly, and a Kenyan citizen thirdly. Her true alliance is in Greater Somaliland which includes NFD in Kenya, Ogaden in Ethiopia, parts of Djibouti and the whole of Somali. What people should be wondering is how much she might have stolen as a women rep. She need to be audited before she is allowed to leave Kenya. Remember, as women rep. she was among those that were in control of CDF in Garrisa county.

Idris Abdi

Sun, 05/14/2017 @ 11:46am

Thanks guys from your comments I have a feeling that you are all not happy about Hon. Shukran quoting since she mirrors you as a diasporan.
Hon. Shukran is not a quieter but a fighter. This statements is fake and its not her wish to a bourdon the wishes of those who she reptesnt.
Her Facebook page is hacked and malicious information is being posted. Please disregard any posts from this page claimed to be hers.
I pray for the page to post the appropriate information. Please refer to today's dailies to verify that Hon. Shukran is still on the race.
From. Idris Abdi Shukran's spouse.

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