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ODM Bans Elizabeth Ongoro from Contesting Ruaraka MP Seat, Fines Her Sh1 Million

ODM nominated senator Elizabeth Ognoro has been barred from contesting the Ruaraka parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket.

The ODM disciplinary committee said she is free to contest for a seat anywhere else, just not in Ruaraka constituency.  The disciplinary committee’s move came in response to violence that broke last month in Mathare between Ongoro’s supporters and those of area MP TJ Kajwang, leaving one person dead and a few others injured.

The committee also ordered her to pay a Sh1 million fine and issue a public apology for violence witnessed last week at Orange House, ODM’s party headquarters, when Ongoro and her supporters stormed the office to protest the alleged direct nomination of TJ Kajwang as ODM’s candidate in Ruaraka. ODM executive director Oduor Ong’wen was injured in the scuffle.


Doesn't democracy call for the electorate to decide who they want at the ballot? Why is ODM (Only D minus) conducting primaries if a small clique at the Orange house can simply decide who does and doesn't contest in Ruaraka? They can as well decide the contestants in all other counties. These people had all along decided to lock out this lady and actually had already given direct nomination certificate to her rival. This so called kangaroo court "hearing" was just window dressing. Oh come on! ODM - "Only D Minus" party

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