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Viral Video Captures Two Suspected Gang Members Getting Shot Dead in Nairobi

Kenya Police boss Joseph Boinnet has ordered an investigation into a video circulating on social media that depicts a person believed to be plainclothes police officers shooting dead two suspected gang members.

The incident happened in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

When the video starts running, one of the suspected gang members is already lying on the ground dead. One of the alleged police officers seems to struggle to apprehend the second suspect as a man in police uniform is seen pushing the crowd back. The camera loses focus at the point at which a few gunshots are heard. When the camera gains focus again, the suspected gang member is lying on the ground with the shooter standing over him and asking his colleague for a pistol. The camera loses focus again and a few more gunshots are heard. The camera focuses again on the scene and both suspects appear to be dead on the ground.

The suspects are believed to have been members of the outlawed Super Power Gang and were suspected to have been about to commit a robbery when they were apprehended.

Nairobi Police Commander Japheth Koome told The Star on Saturday that the video was acted. "It is not true it was acted. It is not true, it did not happen. Imepigwa picha sehemu moja tu (It was only shot in one place). It is not true," Koome told The Star. He said the video was meant to discourage him from doing his job of fighting criminals in the city.


Mkenya halisi

Sat, 04/01/2017 - 19:14

Shoot shoot clear n forward them straight to hell.The 2 police need to b given more salaries for doing a good job.This thugs terrorize pple everyday.

Let us not glorify this killings. A Policeman cannot be a judge and executor. In a civilized society the work of police is to apprehend those that break the law and take them to court to be judged. One is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Nobody should be killed because of assumption that he might commit crime. Personally, I hate living in such society. I consider it uncivilized and evil/

Mkenya halisi

Sun, 04/02/2017 - 19:46

Koni hanene there is no assumption here.This thugs r known by the people n the police.There are videos CCTV cameras showing the two have bin robbing mpesa shops so which other evidence do u want presented unless they r working for you.The police did a good job.You take the criminals to court they r realesed by judge doings for case to proceed while they r back to the society killing innocent pple?To me no criminal should b taken to jail to use our tax money.I believe ur caught killing especially while committing crime u die hapo hapo.Ur caught raping ur cut into pieces or shot hapo hapo.Ask yrself how comes crime rate n raping is low in Africa/middle east than the sodom n gormolla USA/uk/Europe????Coz in Africa if ur caught the mob give u the medicine comparing with the WEST where they protect munderes/rapist/beastiality/gaysm/lesbianism n all sort of immorality??


Sun, 04/02/2017 - 21:35

Killing of that suspect is not justifiable at all. No matter what this two young men did, they shouldn't have been executed in such a lawless manner no matter how heinous the crime was. That is the job of the court systems. Aki at times we Africans act as if we have no brains. The culprits may have broken several laws but they are innocent until proven guilty. That police or wherever he is, need to be prosecuted for breaking the law. People need to speak up or the government will continue to threaten your lives and keep you under a police state.

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