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Kikuyu Elders Punished for Endorsing Kidero for Nairobi Governor

The chairman of Kikuyu elders -Kiama Kia Ma - in Kiambu Waweru wa Mbugua and a section of the Kikuyu elders have been suspended from participating in any activities of the group for endorsing Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero's reelection bid in the August 8 polls.

Mbugua and 16 others were suspended during a meeting of the elders held in Kiambu to deliberate of the fate of the members for defying the stands of the elders.

“They promised Kidero that we are supporting his re-election but we have never discussed the issue as an agenda, “Interim Kiambu county chairman Choruwa Muiruri said.

"The message went as if we had discussed it. We are sending the message that those sentiments were his but not for the elders." Muiruri stated.

Muiruri further disclosed that the elders were angered by how Mbugua and other elders conducted a ceremony to curse Royal Media Services Chairman SK Macharia early this year.

“We cannot curse but we offer advice to the society which is guided by our spiritual stand. Some of us are church leaders, family men, and respected members of the society. We know inside our hearts that SK Macharia was not cursed” Muiruri said.

"He has misrepresented us in many occasions but this has to stop," Muiruri added.

The elders cursed Macharia in a ceremony over a claim he made that Raila Odinga had won the 2007 presidential elections but was rigged by former President Mwai Kibaki.


Muiruri said that in a meeting to discuss the conduct of the said elders, it was decided that they will be suspended for 5 seasons which translates to 5 years for "misconduct".




Who appointed this group of crooks to be the elders of Kikuyu Nation? Has there ever been a public election to establish such thing as Kikuyu Elders?. Groups like causes divide in our Nation and should be abolished. These are selfish, self seekers blood suckers individuals who are only there to promote themselves. One Nation One People!!!!

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