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My Pick For NASA Flag Bearer Was Isaac Ruto, Kalonzo Reveals

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has revealed that his choice for NASA presidential flag bearer was Bomet Governor, Isaac Ruto.

Speaking on Radio Citizen, Kalonzo disclosed that after several closed door meetings with his counterparts Musalia Mudavadi of ANC, Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetangula and Governor Isaac Ruto of Chama Cha Mashinani, the principals agreed to throw their weight of ODM leader Raila Odinga although his choice was Isaac Ruto.

“Let me disclose that initially I had proposed and was pushing for Governor Isaac Ruto to be our presidential flag bearer as a compromised candidate as I deputize him but my colleagues were not ready for that. I was also ready to deputize any other principal,” he said.

Kalonzo said that he was satisfied with the position he was offered in the NASA power sharing deal. “Personally I am contented with the number two in command position. It is a very powerful position,” said Kalonzo.

Kalonzo further said that his name will be in the 2022 presidential race as Raila agreed to be a one-term president if elected in the August 8 general elections.

“Everyone knew that Kalonzo-Mudavadi pair was to send Jubilee home. My brother (Raila) pleaded with us to support him, promising to serve for only one term and we said yes so long he keeps the promise,” added the Wiper leader.

Kalonzo defended the NASA power sharing deal dismissing claims that Amani National Coalition leader Musalia Mudavadi, Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetangula and Bomet governor Isaac were offered non-existent position adding that they will further have a referendum to give them more powerful positions.


kalonzo's "confession" of his preferred candidate confirms who he is: a liar , watermelon and utterly dishonest.How in the world did you trust someone who was not even in your radar but for a stupid bait to get Kalenjin sympathy vote? Why/how do you convinced people to now vote for someone you did not support?
As for NASA fake titles/job- you must be living in fantasy world.Unless you have another map/math- Jubilee will win majority in parliament/senate come August- take that to the bank.
How do you nominate the cartoons here called prime minister/cabinet secretaries without parliament? I thought only senior advisers to the president are immune to parliamentary approval.You are lying to Kenyans in broad daylight kalonzo! Changing the law to employ retirees? Forget it.

First they said there was not going to be a referendum to award positions.Come to find out during kalonzo's "confession".They were lying to us about that to.They allow themselves to be lied to and they lie to Kenyans.I think more and more Kenyans are resolving to vote for Jubilee so that some of these leaders can retire from politics.

Kalonzo has extremely low IQ. I wonder how he managed to graduate from high School and then attain law degree. His academic background need to be investigated. The man could also be taking drugs. He is extremely erratic, Most of the time he doesn't know what he is talking about. He could also be suffering from dementia, the man cannot remember what he said past two days.

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