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Mike Sonko Reveals Why He Was Imprisoned at Shimo la Tewa Prison

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has shed more light on allegations that he was once jailed at Shimo la Tewa prison over criminal charges.

The flamboyant senator who is contesting for Nairobi gubernatorial said that he spent several days at Shimo la Tewa prison after a land deal went sour and not for criminal charges as some have claimed.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV on Wednesday, Sonko said that he was arrested after a deal in which he was acting as a middle man in selling of a land turned bad.

Sonko disclosed that about 25 years ago, a German citizen approached him as he wanted to purchase a beach plot at the coast, knowing the owner of the plot Sonko accepted to act as a middle man and get off with a profit, but things would later turn against him.

“I approached the Masabuni family and I paid them a 10% deposit and I took the land documents, I then sold the land to the German at 8 million and paid Masabuni the 4 million they sold the land for" he said during the interview on Citizen TV.

The land owner would then come to know how much Sonko sold the land to the German for, which prompted to have him arrested, Sonko disclosed.

The senator revealed that he was acquainted by the court after fairly winning the case against the land owner.

Sonko says he started dealing in land selling when he was in high school and recalls paying school fees for his friends. He says he made first millions from the business while still in high school.


Hiyo mwambie mama yako.You escaped from Shimo la Tewa in 2000 where you had beeing remanded for drug trafficking charges not land fraud case.You escape case ended after ATMs-Wako and Tobiko pocketed shs 2 million each which earned you a nollie-prosque.

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