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DP William Ruto Mocks NASA's New Lineup

Deputy President William Ruto has reacted to the newly named National Super Alliance's (NASA) power sharing lineup.

Ruto mocked the opposition for taking ages to name their flag bearer while the ended up presenting the same candidate who lost against them in the 2013 general elections.

"I told you they lacked a plan, they are confused. They have been going around the country organizing seminars and retreats yet they have given us the same person they had in 2013," he stated.

Ruto went further to say that he expected them to even import a flag bearer from abroad with all the sideshows they had engaged in. "They are the same people who lost in the previous elections but have now come with fake and lofty titles. We will beat them very early in the elections," he emphasized.

The DP was addressing a crowd in Thika where he accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to thank residents for maintaining peace during the Jubilee party nominations.

"If we beat them last time, what makes them think they can beat us? In 2013 it was 50% plus 1 vote, this time it will be 70% plus 1 vote," he remarked.


I sure do hope that the Jubilee party will have a resounding win come August.It is a well known fact that Raila and the ODM top leadership has a problem with accepting defeat.Then Nasa is threatening to name their own "president" if they "win" according to their own vote Tally.It seems to me that one of the main political interventions for avoiding this mess is for the Jubilee Party to Win and Win big come the elections. I hope that the ordinary Mwananchi will be able to see that they are better of supporting UHURUTO come the election.For the sake of peace during the post election period. The ordinary mwananchi does not deserve to be taken through chaotic shenanigans by the NASA top leadership.

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