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Waiguru Headed for Major Victory in Kirinyaga Jubilee Nomination for Governor, Floors Incumbent Governor Ndathi

Former Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru is headed for victory in the Kirinyaga Jubilee nominations for governor, flooring incumbent Jospeh Ndathi.

With votes tallied for all but two polling stations in the country, Wiguru leads holds a commanding lead with 102,927 votes. Her closest rival is Kirinyaga Central MP Jospeh Guitar with 44,745 votes. Incumbnet governor Jospeh Ndathi is trailing in third with 19,078.

Joseph Ndathi conceded defeat but said the nomination process was marked by several irregularities and has said he will hold a meeting with his team and supporters to discuss his next move. "It doesn't matter what happened in yesterday's nominations, there was massive rigging,'" the governor said. He was unable to cast his own vote because youths burned voting materials at his Rukenya Primary School polling station.

A majority of Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in Kirinyaga County also appeared headed for defeat at the hands of newcomers.

Should Waiguru be eventual the winner after the nomination process, she will face off against Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua in the August 8th general elections.


how can this be happening?isnt she the one behind stolen billions at NYS and they nominated her.... what does this say to the fight against corruption, now she has a better platform to even steal more. God have mercy on Kenya and our people, this is really bad.

Even worse is that she was allowed to run before being exonerated. Kenya will continue to be corrupt and nothing will ever change. not surprised if they re-elect this mob like uhuruto gov

Uhuru helped her garner the votes. The people of Kirinyaga need to be enlightened.This is a thief who stole from the youth. Martha Karua please ready yourself and restore the honor of your people. You may run from a unknown party but atleast wewe hujapatikana na wizi

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