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Mike Sonko Hints at Nairobi Billionaire as Running Mate for Nairobi Governor Race

Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Mike Sonko has hinted at two potential running mates in the Nairobi governor race.

In a Facebook statement he made on Saturday, the flamboyant Nairobi  Senator revealed that he had settled on either billionaire businessman and former Nairobi governor aspirant in 2031 polls Jimna Mbaru or former County Executive Officer of Water, John Gakuo as his deputies, asking his supporters to help him make a choice.

Sonko dismissed those who questioned his academic credentials adding that he will hire technocrats to run the City. “My critics say I am not a PhD. Holder but that will not stop me from serving you great people,” said Sonko.

The Senator indicated that he would hire billionaire Chris Kirubi as Nairobi County Chief Economic Advisor if elected.


Gakuo better choice.... given his past. A country run the filthy rich is NEVER intouch with issues of the majority....kawaida mwananchi...yet >80% of the population is kawa mwananchi. It has always been about the rich living off the poor taxpayer...... upus!

Question is, how do we reverse this trend? The minority rich ruling over the majority.... dividing them into tribes and spreading hate.... divide and rule we see but can do nothing about????

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