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VIPs Scamper to Safety as Snake Appears at Presidential Dais Ahead of Uhuru's Event in Kisumu

VIPs sitting at the presidential dais at the State Lodge in Kisumu and awaiting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s arrival scampered for safety after a snake appeared at the dias.

Leaders who were waiting for President Uhuru to arrive and preside over a gala for the national drama festival were forced to free from their seats as Presidential security detail killed the snake, later identified to be a non-poisonous green mamba.

The commotion lasted about 10 minutes and everything was back to normal by the time the president arrived at the venue.


Rose Njeri

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 22:34

Hypocrite, you are a real bagakuma. Since when did Raila awe mchawi? That snake was most likely a game plan by thieves penetrating kisumu to make politics against Raila. Still, they have failed terribly.

Nyanza is an area that is historically associated with voodoo and snake culture. Below is a quotation of a chronicle of a snake the Luo culture calls Omieri.
"Omieri, is a snake rooted in Luo myths. According to ancient Luo folklore, Omieri is a snake that lives in Lake Victoria and appears on land in times of drought to summon the rains. In part this explains why when villagers see a long python near their homes, the snake is revered rather than killed or shooed away.
In 1987, a massive python appeared in Nyakach, near a woman’s home. The Nyakach people immediately recognized the good luck charm, and started feeding the snake with all manner of foods in hope that the snake would bring rain to the dry land.
People came from far and wide to see the snake including international tourists. The Kenya Wildlife Service was concerned about the whereabouts of the snake and rightfully so; sometime later, a villager burnt the grass surrounding the snake in a bid to show visitors its whereabouts at night, the snake got burnt and sustained injuries and was transferred to the animal orphanage in Nairobi for treatment and recovery.
A few days after the snake was transferred to Nairobi it started raining in Nyakach and the surrounding flatlands in were flooded with water. People lost their homes ad were stranded in the floods. Many linked their troubles to the transfer of Omieri to Nairobi. Debate ensued in parliament as the then MP for Nyakach begged for the snake to be returned to Nyakach.
The snake however, remained in Nairobi until it died in 1989. It was given an honourable burial with people going as far as to have an in memoriam book signatory in Nairobi and raising money for burial expenses. But she reappeared again…
In 2003, a 16 foot long python appeared in Wasare, Nyakach. The snake had come to the marshes to lay eggs. Residents gave it all manner or food to eat including ugali (maize meal), bread and goats. Although the snake rarely ate, the residents continued to revere it.
The snake had security from the Kenya Wildlife Service and local youth, to ensure that no harm came to it. It is not clear what happened to the snake, it probably moved away from the area after some time.
In February 2006, a python appeared in Kano, another area of Nyakach. Residents of the area celebrated its sighting as a sign of good luck as there had been a long spell of drought. It is unclear whether there was any rainfall or good luck that was associated with the sighting of the snake"
It's no strange that whenever snake politics arise it comes in Nyanza or in areas where majority of the people have their roots from Nyanza. The planting and appearing of a snake in a presidential dais is certainly meant to convey a certain message to this snake believing culture.

Mkenya halisi

Wed, 04/19/2017 - 07:42

Aaaiich koni hanene Wacha story refu.Hio nyoka ni 5th NASA principals.Was sent to bite the 5th president of kenya.
Njeri kwa haunjui rao is known to sacrifice even his kids due to power hungry.Aiiiyah

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