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Coast Elders Tell Joho to Ditch NASA after He Was Left Out of Power Sharing Deal

Coast Kaya leaders have told Orange Democratic Movement deputy leader and Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho to ditch opposition Coalition National Super Alliance (NASA).

The elders argue that despite the commitment by Joho to push for the removal of Jubilee administration from power, he was left out in the power sharing deal that allocated five principals different seats. Kaya elders’ patron Rama Mwangombe speaking to the media said that the coast region was not considered in the deal despite their support to the opposition.

“We urge our son (Joho) to move out of NASA, this is because he was not given any opportunity in the umbrella body. NASA has no party that owes its origin in the coast, unlike other co- principals,” he said, as quoted by Baraka FM.

“We are not ready to be divided along tribal ethnical lines. We urge every Kenyan to maintain peace during this period.”Another elder, Shaaban Ndegwa said.

Kaya Elders Council chairman, Abdalla Mnyenze supported the sentiments adding that they were not ready to be misused again. “The coastal people have been politically misused by the past regimes and I believe this is our time to show them that we also exist. We urge our leaders to join the ruling party if we are to talk about development at the coast,” he said.


Any the way Joho trashed Uhuru. Politics is a funny game you do not make it impossible to cross over when things turn sour in your party

I support this sentiment by the leaders of the coastal region.The Jubilee Party is the ruling party.As such,it is the goal of the Jubilee Party to attract people from all the tribes in Kenya.We in Jubilee want to grow and accommodate every part in Kenya.Even those parts of the country that may have in the past voted for the opposition.Jubilee Politics is all about the Pursuit of Peace and Development.For the benefit of all Kenyans, regardless of their tribe,race or religion.
As far as the August election is concern.As I have articulated on this forum before.I hope that the Jubilee Party Wins and Wins Big.This would go a long way in safe guarding Post Election Peace in Kenya.

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