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Cytonn Discusses Investment Options in Kenya for the Diaspora

Hetal Nathwani, the Cytonn Diaspora Coordinator, recently spoke on investment options available in Kenya for the Diaspora, the investment options available through Cytonn Diaspora, as well as the ongoing Cytonn Diaspora Road Show:

What are Kenyans in Diaspora seeking?

Kenyans in Diaspora are looking for good returns, a trusted partner that can walk with you the journey to financial freedom and convenience in undertaking transactions back home.

How is Cytonn Diaspora meeting such needs?

Cytonn Diaspora provides above market returns through the array of products in real estate. Whether purchasing plots or apartments, the area has been well researched by our capable team for its potential for high capital appreciation and rental yields.

We also believe in transparency to our clients who are our main agenda every day when we wake up. With full disclosure 6to our clients about our solutions, we ensure that the client is comfortable to partner with us.

For ease and convenience of our clients, in addition to having physical presence through our office in DC metro area, Cytonn Diaspora has taken advantage of latest technological trends and we have an online platform where clients can undertake an end to end transactional process.

How do you handle money transactions with Kenyans in diaspora?

We have a bank account based in the US so our clients spend less money on wiring money and invest more for their future.

How is Cytonn diaspora differentiating itself from its competitors?

We are the only firm with dedicated offices in the US and a business registered in the US operation under federal law. Excellent customer service, speed in addressing client queries and convenience in transacting 24/7 gives us a cutting edge in the industry

How has the experience been for you as the coordinator for Cytonn Diaspora? What are the challenges experienced by Diaspora looking to invest back home?

It’s been a great experience learning the challenges that the diaspora face, mainly the need for a trusted partner and the desire to have world-class customer service and coming up with solutions that speak to the clients’ needs.

Is real estate a good bet for the Diaspora market? Why?

It most definitely is a good bet, the returns are high and it has potential for both rental yield and capital appreciation. It’s also about having a home when you come back home. But one needs to be careful in what area they invest as returns are not homogenous all across the country. Satellite, emerging towns have a higher potential for capital gains. For instance, our signature developments in Ruaka, The Alma, has seen around 30% capital appreciation in around 9 months.

What do you hope to achieve with the Cytonn Diaspora Roadshow?

Cytonn RoadshowSpread the word on the great investment opportunities and help diaspora mitigate the fear of investing in Kenya. Last year we came and told Kenyans, here we are with the same service levels that you are used to in the US but much better returns and many clients invested with us. We won’t stop till many of our friends in the Diaspora get to know about these amazing opportunities.

Where do you see Cytonn Diaspora in the next 5 years?

Cytonn Diaspora’s vision is to be a global platform bringing all investment opportunities, not just Cytonn’s to the diaspora. Banks, insurance, and many other services.

Why should the Diaspora market bet on Cytonn Diaspora and not on the other players in the market?

Great products, great processes and great financial advisors to walk with you through the investment journey. You just need to talk to any of our clients to know that we don’t have clients, we have business partners.  


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