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Kenyan MP Acquitted of Murder Charges

Laikipia MP Mathew Lempurkel was on Monday cleared of murder charges in a Nanyuki court for lack of evidence.

The MP was arrested on March 8th and charged with participating in the March 5th murder of a former British army officer and dual British/Kenyan citizen, Tristan Voorspuy at his Sosian Ranch.

Lempurkel was accused of holding meetings in which he incited members of public to invade Sosian ranch and burn properties. The prosecution however could not build enough evidence to link Lempurkel’s sentiments to the ranch invasion and killing of Voorspuy. “As prosecution, we do not have enough evidence against the accused. We are applying that this case be closed,” Prosecution Caroline Muriu told resident magistrate Evans Ngige.

The prosecution said three other suspects are in custody in connection with the murder, and that one of them has already been charged.

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