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Uhuru Dismisses NASA Lineup

President Uhuru Kenyatta has termed the Opposition coalition NASA power sharing deal as a ploy to share power among its top leaders.

Speaking shortly after NASA announced its flag bearer, President Uhuru said that the Opposition had lost focus by dwelling on how to create positions for themselves instead of telling Kenyans what agenda they have.

“This was never about the country. It was about giving jobs for themselves instead of the millions of Kenyan who need jobs,” he was quoted as saying by the Standard. “While they are lying to each other about Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers positions which are not in the constitution, we in the Jubilee Party are busy committed to entrenching democracy to develop the country,” he added.

The head of state said that Jubilee Party had shown its willingness to deepen democracy by conducting free, fair and transparent nominations.

Uhuru was speaking during his tour to Kiambu County where he thanked residents for participating in peaceful nominations exercise. He urged them to turn out in large numbers during the August polls and give him a chance to get the second term in office.

Deputy President William Ruto, who accompanied the President, dismissed the opposition lineup adding that the difference between NASA and Jubilee was like heaven and earth.

“There is a difference between sharing positions between the elite and creating wealth for our people,” Ruto said. “These are people who are only interested in fake stories and lofty positions,” he added.

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