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President Uhuru Apologizes for Shambolic Jubilee Nominations

President Uhuru Kenyatta has apologized to Jubilee Party and aspirants for what he termed as ‘gross under-preparedness' of the party primaries held on Friday 21st April.

Speaking at the State House on Saturday, the president admitted that his party was caught flat-footed by the overwhelming turn-out of voters in the primaries that were cancelled following confusion that rocked most areas of the country. "We have subsequently cancelled the primaries country-wide," Kenyatta said.

The head of state said that the party decided to cancel the entire exercise and prepare for a fresh one.

According to the president, the party had anticipated at holding a smooth nomination exercise but ended up without enough resources. He expressed confidence trust in the part’s secretariat to deliver a credible exercise to be held out in a date to be named on Saturday.

He maintained that the party did not have any preferred candidates, adding that the exercise will be free and fair.

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