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Paul Otuoma Formally Resigns from ODM

Funyula MP Paul Otuoma has formally submitted his resignation from the Orange party over controversial Busia governor nomination polls that saw his rival, Sospeter Ojamoong crowned the winner.

In the resignation letter, the MP asked the Raila Odinga- led party to remove his party membership with immediate effect. The lawmaker was an ODM life member and had earlier  been issued with life membership certificate.

"I would like to resign and withdraw my membership with immediate effect," Otuoma said in a letter to the party dated April 20, 2017.

Otuoma declared that he will be in the Busia County governor race as an independent candidate and will look nto lock horns with the incumbent governor Sospeter Ojamoong. "I will prepare to run as an independent candidate if that is the case. That is the only option available given the nominations deadline," he said on Wednesday.

ODM national elections board had ordered a repeat of the nominations in two constituencies of Teso North and South, a move that Otuoma objected, choosing to bolt out of the party.

"I have already made a decision to quit the Orange party after the Secretariat failed to solve our issues," Otuoma said.

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