Who will change kenya

Mwakilishi Tue, 01/19/2010 @ 08:38pm 4 views 1 comment

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Today i come foward with this simple question ,who will change kenya for the better?Folks from what i have seen and heard,people always try to bring in the tribal card when they have failed or are doomed to fail.Instead of these people dying their own death,instead they want to die with other people.As if this is not enough kenyans are naive enough to fall through these cracks and die just like they did in the last violence. Kenyans lets wake up and know that their is nobody who will come define our destiny but us.I was shocked when i went home last may only to learn that kenyan have not learned  that they are being used as visikis for other peoples selfish gains.Instead they are still blaming this tribe and this tribe.Will kenyans ever learn and  realise that the rutos,uhurus,kalonzos just to name afew just talk shit to each other on the media and the head to restaurant where they cherish what they have done.lets wake up and also wake up our fellow kenyans so they can know that :thekikuyu,luo ,kalenjini,maasai,luyha,swahili,kisii,giriama just to name afew are not the main cause of our problems,its the government folks let kenyans not get used like they did in the last violence because election rigging does not justify killing whatsoever.

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