In the United States, the word “immigration” tends to divide, not unite. But if there’s one thing Americans – regardless of color, creed, or politics – may be able to agree on, it’s that the visa application process needs an upgrade.

Enter the new White House report, released this month, that looks at how to organize and digitize the US immigration system.

A new agreement has been signed between Kenya and the United States increasing Visa validity period for Kenyans travelling to the US to five years.

This will be welcome news to students, temporary visitors, business people and tourists travelling to the US as they have been hitherto restricted to a one year visa period.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced Tuesday that it changed a citizenship requirement for legal immigrants. New Americans will no longer need to make a commitment that they will bear arms on behalf of the U.S. as stipulated in the Oath of Allegiance.

According to the Washington Examiner, USCIS said new citizens may be excluded from the pledge for reasons related to “religious training” or if they have a conscientious objection to the phrase, “I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law.”

Republican Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona want Congress to require the Department of Homeland Security to detain and ultimately deport undocumented immigrants who have been arrested or convicted of serious crimes.

For nearly 150 years, the United States, under the 14th Amendment, has recognized people born here as citizens, regardless of whether their parents were citizens.

But Texas has other plans. In the last year, the state has refused to issue birth certificates to children who were born in Texas to undocumented parents. In May, four women filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Texas Department of State Health Services alleging constitutional discrimination and interference in the federal government’s authority over immigration.

Railing against what he described as a broken immigration system that tears families apart and stifles economic growth, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley said Tuesday he would use aggressive executive action to limit deportations if elected to the White House.

The former governor of Maryland unveiled his immigration platform at an event in Manhattan, where a handful of immigrants shared their personal stories.

"As Americans, we are good people. And we can do better than this backward, broken immigration process that rips families apart," O'Malley said.

Illegal immigrants wait to be expelled from their camp at Calais on May 28, 2014. PHOTO | DENIS CHARLET | AFP

Competing for headlines with Greece and the 10th anniversary of 7/7 (the July 7 bombing of a London bus and an Underground train) is the continuing migrant story.

Some 3,000 migrants are camped around Calais in northern France, most of them determined to get to Britain.

 The Obama administration has a chance to build on health care and gay marriage victories won at the Supreme Court when it urges an appeals court to let 5 million undocumented immigrants stay in America. But it’s a slim chance.

On Friday, the White House will face long odds as it seeks to persuade a panel of judges to let President Barack Obama's effort to loosen immigration restrictions take effect. Two of the three are Republican appointees who rejected a similar administration bid.

A US Consular official takes journalists through Form DS-160 application. PHOTO | FILE

Kenyans seeking to travel to the US have been hit by a global visa processing delay attributed to a technical problem on a security verification system at consular sections.

The system has been down from June 9, affecting Visa applicants worldwide, including those who had booked flights in advance.

The biometric data verification system enables US embassies and consulates to conduct security background checks that are required to issue visas. The US embassy in Nairobi, is the largest US mission in sub-Sahara Africa.

Thousands of foreign nurses could be deported under strict new immigration rules, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has warned.

The measures will mean that non-EU workers who earn less than £35,000 after six years in the UK could be forced to return home.

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