President Barack Obama previously put his support behind the House's piecemeal passage of immigration reform, but is now urging the House to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

On Friday, Obama implored the House to back the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform bill, saying the legislation is politically popular and would benefit the country. However, he did not mention the option of dividing the measure into a series of smaller bills, according to Politico.

A federal jury of seven women and five men Thursday found a Kenyan woman guilty of entering into a sham marriage and falsely claiming she had been abused so she could remain in the U.S. and eventually become a citizen.

Margaret Kimani, 30, of Springfield, Mass., was convicted of one count of conspiracy to defraud the U.S.

The jury deliberated for about 40 minutes after 2½ days of testimony in U.S. District Court in Bangor. The trial, scheduled to start Monday, was delayed a day because of the weekend snowstorm.

The New Jersey Legislature approved legislation on Thursday that would allow students without legal immigration status to pay in-state college tuition. Gov. Chris Christie planned to sign it on Friday, a spokesman said.

 The bill’s passage was assured after Mr. Christie, a Republican, struck a deal with Democratic lawmakers, who agreed to a demand of his that they change the bill to remove a provision allowing undocumented immigrants access to state financial aid programs.

State Sen. Adriano Espaillat

The number of deported immigrants under President Obama is approaching the 2 million mark and immigration reform has become once again no more than a rapidly-fading illusion. Yet, here in New York, some politicians and community leaders are working to alleviate the immigrants’ situation by allowing the undocumented to legally apply for a driver’s license.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has joined the call for President Obama to halt deportations, saying that just being in the country illegally is not enough reason for illegal immigrants to be sent home.

In remarks over the weekend to Telemundo, a Spanish-language network, Mrs. Pelosi said illegal immigrants must have notched serious criminal charges to merit deportation — contradicting federal law that says the presumption is against, not with, illegal immigrants.

Immigration activists and Democratic lawmakers on Thursday made a final effort this year to pressure the GOP-led House to move on reform — vowing that their lobbying will only intensify in 2014.

More than 1,000 immigration activists descended into the offices of 100-plus House lawmakers Thursday afternoon to protest the House’s inaction on the issue. The vast majority of their targets were House Republicans, but they also planned to single out four Democrats who activists said had not thrown their support for immigration reform.

Because our current U.S. immigration system can be a long and tedious process, immigrants trying to enter the U.S. legally are sometimes forced to wait decades to receive a green card. As a result, parents like Rosalina Cuellar de Osorio are obliged to leave their children behind simply because their young sons and daughters became adults during the lengthy process.

The White House acknowledged Thursday that President Barack Obama lived briefly years ago with a Kenyan uncle previously targeted for deportation — after initially insisting there was no evidence they had ever met.

Why the stark turnaround? “Nobody spoke to the president” when the question first arose in 2011, press secretary Jay Carney told reporters at his daily briefing.

Instead, staff appear to have relied on one of the president’s autobiographical books.

Undocumented immigrants in Illinois began taking road tests on Tuesday to qualify for driver's licenses, starting a process expected to be closely watched by other U.S. states that are preparing to implement similar laws.

Illinois is the largest U.S. state to implement legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to get licenses - following in the steps of New Mexico and Washington.

Rep. Jared Polis, Democrat from Colorado, lost his cool during a speech on the House floor on Wednesday afternoon after Speaker Pro Tempore Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) warned representatives not to acknowledge the presence of immigration reform advocates observing activities from the chamber's gallery. "I want you, Madam Speaker, to address the reason that they are here," he erupted.

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