Donald Trump’s presidential campaign may actually be empowering the Latino.

No, really. At least that’s what a number of non-profit organizations and even the White House are working toward.

Starting March 15th, 2016, USA Permanent Residents visiting or transiting through Canada by air will be required to have an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) prior to traveling.

The new requirement only applies to visa-exempt foreign nationals such as USA green card holders . U.S. citizens and travelers with a valid Canadian visa do not need to have an eTA. The requirement also does not apply to those traveling to Canada by road or sea.

You can apply for an ETA online at A valid pasport and credit card is required to apply.

Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate tycoon and frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the US Presidency, continues to make headlines for his extreme views on US immigration policy. His campaign has involved numerous attacks both on Muslims and Mexicans. This is despite needing illegal immigrant Mexicans to work at Trump construction sites and needing financial support from rich muslims. He has even criticized Pope Francis' visit to Mexico last week saying that 'he [the Pope] doesn't understand the Mexico-US immigration situation.'

Precious Depasse with her son Marley. Her Tanzanian partner, Max, cannot get a visa to live in the UK. Photograph: Christopher

Since 2012, British men and women with spouses from outside the EU must earn more than £18,600 to be allowed to live together in the UK, or more if they have children. The law means those earning the minimum wage could never afford to marry a non-EU husband or wife, and campaigners estimate 43% of the UK population are too poor to fall in love with anyone from outside Europe.

Pope Francis at the Mexico-US border during his just-concluded trip to Mexico

Inserting himself into the Republican presidential race, Pope Francis on Wednesday suggested that Donald J. Trump “is not Christian” because of the harshness of his campaign promises to deport more immigrants and force Mexico to pay for a wall along the border.

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” Francis said when a reporter asked him about Mr. Trump on the papal airliner as he returned to Rome after his six-day visit to Mexico.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has a message for Pope Francis: Stay in your lane.

Trump called out the pope during a recent Fox Business Network interview, saying the pontiff didn’t fully comprehend the immigration challenges between the U.S. and Mexico.

“So I think the pope is a very political person and I think that he doesn’t understand the problems our country has,” Trump said.

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, looking to make inroads with Hispanic voters as the Feb. 20 Nevada caucuses approach, is stepping up his criticism of the Obama administration's deportation policies, calling on the administration to end sweeping crackdowns in favor of a more targeted approach.

Nearly half a million foreigners who legally entered the U.S. remained here after their visas expired last year, according to a government study that is the first of its kind.

The report, obtained by USA TODAY, is the first analysis of a population that is largely unknown. The so-called "visa overstays" represent an estimated 40% of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country, but are overshadowed by undocumented immigrants who sneak across the nation's southwest border with Mexico.

On April 1, 2016, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ("USCIS") will begin accepting new H-1B visa petitions for employment that will begin on October 1, 2016. The H 1B visa is a popular choice for companies that plan to hire a foreign national to fill a "professional" or "specialty occupation" position requiring a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a specific field. Candidates for H-1B status include current employees in student status (F-1 or J-1), potential new hires, or employees in a different immigration status (for example, E, L or TN status).

One of the most divisive and debated topics in the 2016 election has been immigration. And with the Supreme Court’s announcement that it will review the legality of President Obama’s immigration plan, it looks like the issue will remain at the forefront throughout the election.

One question in particular has been hotly contested: how to handle the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. While some presidential candidates favor extending a pathway to citizenship or legal status, others have voiced support for increasing deportations.

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Starting March 15th, 2016, USA Permanent Residents visiting or transiting through Canada by air will be required to have an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) prior to traveling.

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