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Joho Likely to be Charged with Forging KCSE Result Slip, Says Investigator

The investigation into whether Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho forged his KCSE result slip is almost complete, a source at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) says. The source says Joho’s investigative file will soon be forwarded to the Director or Public Prosecution for possible prosecution.

Joho, who is also ODM Deputy Parry Leader, is accused of presenting a forged KCSE result slip to gain admission to the University of Nairobi. The result slip in question shows Joho sat his KCSE at Serani High School in 1992. Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) CEO Mercy Kirogo however, in a letter to the DCI, says the copy of the 1992 result slip was forged and that the index number listed in the result slip did not exist at the school in 1992.

Mercy Kirogo, in a letter to the DCI wrote: “Following your request for verification and confirmation of examination results Joho Hassan Ali results slip as per the letter referenced CID/SEC/4/4/3 dated 25th January, 2017… Joho Hassan Ali did not register nor sat for the year 1992 KCSE examination at Serani Secondary School under index number 160092024.” Joho has however dismissed the forged slip and says he sat his KCSE in 1993 at the same school, scoring a D-. A score of D- would not have qualified him for admission into university.

Joho has dismissed the accusations as attempts by the Jubilee government to intimidate him.

The education ministry has vowed to investigate politicians suspected of forging academic papers to gain admission to universities in recent years in a bid to meet one of the qualifications for various top political offices – a college degree.



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