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Shipment Schedule with Titan Impex for November/December: Packages Picked Up at Your Doorstep

Titan Impex LLC provides a hassle-free, reliable and convenient package shipping from the US to Kenya. Titan has been in business for five (5) years and offers package pickup at your doorstep.

Please see below the November/December pickup schedule for the next shipment by Titan Impex.

Schedule pickup by calling 908-917-1725

  • November 21st & 22nd: NJ, NYC
  • November 23rd: NJ, DE
  • November 26th & 27th: MD, DC, VA
  • November 28th: NY
  • November 30th: PA
  • December 2nd & 3rd: MA, CT, RI

Other states: Please call 908-917-1725

Check shipping rates at


Titan Impex Shipping to Kenya

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