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Fundraiser Planned in Arlington, Texas for Samuel Mosioma, a Kenyan Man Missing for over Two Months

It has been over 2 months since Samuel Mosioma of Arlington, TX has been reported missing. We are very worried as a community. As a matter of emergency, we as a community together with his family must take immediate action to pay the secured investigators and attorneys to unearth this mysterious disappearance.

His family need him. Three kids need their father. Our main goal is to mobilize resources & get the process going.

The family, organizing committee and our DFW churches hereby invite you to THIS emergency fundraiser targeting $35K. Please invite and fwd this message to everyone.

DATE: Sat Oct 1st, 2016 @ 8PM
VENUE: Metro Community SDA Church. 1211 Thannisich Dr Arlington TX 76011

Our Unity is our Strength. We look fwd to your prayers, presence & support.

For further info. contact:
Alex Karundu 469 438 8388
Vincent Tongi 214 476 8969
Steve Aseno 214 883 7716
Att: Sarah Brooks 972 697 1012
Walter Omwenga 817 313 5689
Gideon Ogoti 817 210 7573
Alphas Moseti 469 682 3789
Elijah Magutu 214 650 7880
Robert Onchwangi 469 834 6344
Kevin Nyaribo 763 232 9870

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