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Kenyan-Owned Home Health Agency in Massachusetts Accused of Overbilling the State by $3.8 Million

Century Homecare, a Kenyan-owned home health agency based in Worcester, MA that does business with Massachusetts’ Medicaid program has been accused of overbilling the state by $3.8 million.

The agency, owned by James Njoroge, a native of Kenya, was one of nine flagged in an audit into Massachusetts’ Medicaid program called MassHealth. Auditors say the companies had multiple violations, including routinely billing for services that were never performed and submitting documents with no signatures.

MassHealth officials say the nine companies are among several being investigated by law enforcement for possible fraud.

James Njoroge, chief executive of Century Homecare, said the audit revealed what he considers “minor” violations, such as a late signature from doctors ordering services. Century stepped up its compliance efforts by the end of 2015, Njoroge said. “If the [state] were to conduct an audit for a more recent period, Century is confident that it would not find similar technicalities,” he told the Boston Globe.


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