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Kirui Law Firm: Provides Professional Immigration Services in All U.S. States

Kirui Law Firm provides professional immigration and international law strategies and solutions to individuals, businesses and religious organizations. We do this throughout the United States and on a worldwide basis from our locations in northern Arlington,Virginia and Columbia, Maryland. Our goal is to provide personal service and establish long term relationships with our clients.

We serve our clients as counselors, advocates, and advisors.

  • As counselors, we work to head off legal problems and keep our clients in compliance with the law.
  • As advocates, we zealously represent and advocate for our clients' rights and best interests.
  • As advisors, we offer our clients the benefit of our legal training, knowledge and experience.

Arlington, VA office: 2111 Wilson Blvd., 8th Floor, Arlington, VA 22201

Columbia, MD office: 8860 Columbia 100 Pkwy, Suite 304, Columbia, MD 21045

For assistance with your case, call us at 443-718-9374 or use our Contact Form HERE (

Kirui Law Firm



My son had a green card which expired 2014. He current live in kenya and i want him to come back to US how do I go about that.

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