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Death Announcement for Josephine Kenanda Omari of Cherry Hill, New Jersey

It is with deep sadness, we announce the passing on of Josephine Kenanda Omari of Cherry Hill NJ, on Dec 26th 2016.

She was the loving wife to Thaddeus Omari Nyaanga, caring mother to Dr Stephen Omari, Kennedy Omari and Victoria Omari. Daughter to the late Daniel Matara Ongera and the late Wilkster Nyakona Ongera. Daughter in-law to Jacob Nyaanga Nyantabiga and Prisca Nyaanga. Chief Charles Nyantabiga, Paul Nyambane, David Ototo and Maria Kebuse. Was a grandchild to Late Elizabeth Kerubo Nyariki & Matara Ongera, Sister to David Ongera(Texas), Rachael Nyacheiga(Nyamira), the late Kennedy Matara Ongera, the late Stephen Obiero and Ombwori Ongera.Sister in law to Claddeus Nyaanga (Kisii), Joachim Nyaanga, Clement Nyantabiga(Kisii), Wilfred Omari (New Jersey),Melanie Nyaanga (USA), Joyce Nyaanga (USA), Isabella Nyaanga(Nyamira), Clare Nyaanga (USA),Redempter Nyaanga (USA), Lydia Nyaanga(Kisii), Winfrida Nyaanga(Nairobi) and Charles Nyambane (Cos) (Nairobi). Niece to the late Matwere, late Philip Ngare, Nicodemus Asande (Gesiaga), Lucy Mandera(Nairobi), Josephine Ondara (USA) and Jemima Abincha. Cousin to DJ Bob Matara (USA), Asoneth Matara (South Africa), Carren Ondara (USA), Lydia Mandera (Nairobi), Christine Ngare (USA), Denis Abincha (Nairobi), Rose Ogega(Nairobi), and many more cousins. Aunt to Roseline Nyakona, Douglas Obiero, Judith Nyachieng'a(USA), Judy Matara(USA), Yusuf Momanyi(USA),Christine Matara (USA) Hope Mamboleo (USA), Dancan Osoro (USA), Dathan Abuga (USA), Firestone Nyantabiga, Jeffery Ayako (USA), Gerald Okoyo, Brianna Nyaanga (USA), Among the rest . Not to list all the names of people late Josephine has left behind,she has left a good number of nieces,nephews,and cousins from both sides of her two late parents,aunts &uncles from both sides, has left behind her only surviving brother David On'gera and her only sister Rael Nyachieg'a .

The body leaves the US to Kenya on January 8th.

Viewing and mass will be held on Wednesday 11th at Nairobi, Umash funeral home , Opposite Armed Forces Memorial, Mbagathi Way, Nairobi, Kenya Thursday Jan 12th the late will be taken to Kisii where she will be laid to rest on Friday 13th at her home in Kisii county, Bointangare location, Nyabare village.


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