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Congratulations President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and All Kenyans

Submitted by mwakilishi on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 11:01

Your Excellency President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta we in Diaspora in sincerity congratulate you on finally being accepted at all levels as the 4th President of  The Republic of Kenya.  We congratulate Prime Minister Raila Odinga for honoring the Supreme Court Decision on the just concluded Presidential Elections.  We also congratulate all Kenyans for the civilized and the democratic manner they have allowed the election process to proceed, so peaceful up to conclusion.  We commend the Church, the Civil Society, The Media and the Press for working extremely hard to ensure a never repeat of 2007/2008  civil strife after National Elections. Kenya has successfully removed itself off the World bad image of a people still in the Dark Ages.

We in Diaspora can now look forward with confidence to Kenya as a Nation achieving Vision 2030 and will remain part of the important supporters of the economy towards achievement of that vision. Your Excellency President Kenyatta, we expect you will swiftly work towards eliminating totally in Kenya: Insecurity, Corruption, and IDP situation.

Inspector General and the Police Force have  done a commendable job by to day and should keep up if not do better. We are proud of him for he has entered into an arrangement in the police force that gives new hope for security to all Kenyans. Let him be supported fully to ensure that a police officer will fully perform his duties with confidence and pride knowing that he has the goodwill of all Kenyans.  We can not afford the killing of senseless killing of policemen, an establishment tax payers finance to ensure they provide maximum security to Kenyans. Our Armed Forces have done Kenya proud. We remain proud at what they are achieving in East Africa. Your Excellency have very high hope that you and you Vice President Honorable Isaac Simoei Rutto will take Kenya to Greater heights in National Development. We are proud of your excellent combination the two of you and the great healing you both have worked together to bring to Kenya as a Nation.

For you out going Honorable Prime Minister Raira Odinga,  you remain in Kenyas History one of the most important Makers of Civilization in Kenya. Definitely you are one of the only two Prime Ministers in Kenya in Kenya History. There should be no doubt that you have very important positive role to continue playing in Kenya stable development.

To you all Kenyans you are a Nation known to be over 80% Christian and you have seen God at work in Kenya the last 50 year of your Uhuru. No wonder at any given time Kenya has remained home almost half a million refugees from all over  Africa. Is it not a Blessing to a Nation to have two retired/retiring Presidents comfortably enjoying their old age in their rural settings?  We wish your Excellency and All Kenyans  a very  successful Swearing in Ceremony at Moi Sports Complex Kasarani on April 9, 2013.  Your out going Honorable President Mwai Kibaki, you served Kenya well as a President for 10 years and as a Key member of Government in the entire 50 yeras of Kenya independence History. We in Diaspora wish you a very happy peaceful long life in retirement.

By Peter K. Ndethi

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