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Kenyans in Diaspora Launch Relief Effort for Garissa Attack Victims

In the aftermath of the Garissa University attacks, Kenyans in the Diaspora have come together and launched a campaign to help victims of the attacks. The campaign, dubbed #MbaoFriday, is in partnership with the Kenya Red Cross, and encourages members of the Diaspora to donate at least $20 starting on Friday, April 24th.

In the aftermath of the attacks, the Kenya Red Cross has been the most visible relief agency and thus prompting this collaboration to facilitate a donation platform for Diasporans. The Kenya Red Cross Director of External Relations, Wariko Waita alongside the technology team worked diligently to provide Kenyans abroad a convenient and secure contribution channel via PayPal.

Efforts on the ground include assistance towards families of the deceased, medical services for the injured, among several other emergency response initiatives. Of great concern however are the hundreds of students who have returned to their rural homes without receiving adequate counseling after the traumatic ordeal.

The Kenya Red Cross estimates they will require anywhere between KSh5 Million to Ksh10 Million ($54,000 to $109,000) for current short term needs. The goal for #MbaoFriday is to have as many Diasporans and Friends of Kenya donate at least $20 starting this Friday, to boost the Kenya Red Cross relief efforts.

Donations will be channeled directly to the Kenya Red Cross, and will be applied towards a special fund for the Garissa Relief. The Finance team at the Kenya Red Cross will provide the Diaspora team with regular updates and a running tally. This will in turn be shared with the public for accountability and transparency.

To donate click on the link provided below:

For further detail, visit and like the Diaspora4Garissa page on Facebook.

Questions or concerns that may arise can directly be addressed to the following contacts.

WARIKO WAITA (Director External Relations and Resource Mobilization)
Phone: +254-703-037000

PETER KERRE (Founder, CyberWasp CyberSecurity Consulting)
Phone: +1-929-228-8995

NJERI THOMI KARIUKI (Founder, Karisan Media Radio)
Phone: +1-214-597-4695

HENRY PASHA (Presenter, Karisan Media)

ALI BADAWY (Co-Host, The One Mic Show)

HUMPHREY MUTURI (Co-Host, The One Mic Show Radio)

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Mon, 11/23/2009 - 00:16

This is shameful indeed. It is a known fact that ICKDO first mooted the idea of Diaspora Garissa Students Fund and invited Diasporans from all over the globe to attend a meeting specifically to discuss this.
The April 12 meeting was will attended and it was generally agreed that the fundraising be organized. The following Sunday, April 19th, another meeting covered live on Kenya Diaspora Media Radio attended by leaders from all the 5 continents and listened to by Kenyans globally discussed the details most of which are being worked out before rolling out the campaign. Listen here:

Having heard all these ideas, Susan Kariuki and his cohort of opportunists decide to preempt everyone and launch the campaign on April 24th--copying word for word what was discussed including working with Red Cross Kenya. Even the fact that copycats would launch similar campaigns was mentioned, but no one expected it to be this blatant and shameless. Hey Susan Kariuki, what do you expect to get from this???? Are you trying to use the Diaspora for some personal end? The time to call a spade a spade has arrived.

You cannot use the name of the Diaspora in your personal endeavors yet when Diaspora organizations are meeting to launch a mature well calculated and inclusive effort, you are sneering on the side. If it was your fresh idea, it would be understandable--but to copy community idea word for word and preempt it is slimy to say the least This personal fundraising using Diaspora is dead on arrival.  Join the rest so we speak with one voice for Garissa students or call it "SUSAN KARIUKI AND HER FRIENDS 4 GARISSA!!!!"


Mon, 11/23/2009 - 00:16

If you know somebody affected by the Garissa tragedy give them whatever you can afford directly. If this is the stuff that is getting out the money you donate to this organization may not get to the victims.

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