Kenyan Student Hailed For Receiving First Class Honors in Aerospace Engineering at a UK University

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Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o has congratulated and praised a Kenyan student studying in the UK for achieving an outstanding First Class honours degree in Aerospace engineering. The world-renowned writer said: “I would like to congratulate Jepleting for achieving the rare distinction of a First Class degree in Aerospace engineering. She is torchbearer and inspiration to young Kenyan women and Kenyan youth in general. For Kenya and Africa to lead the world in inventions and industry, we have to have more Jepletings. Africa must learn to accept nothing but the best. Well done Jepleting”.

Jepleting Fiona Mercy, the first woman from Terik community to study in the United Kingdom, could not hide her joy after receiving the news of her good performance. “I was expecting a First Class pass and the news of an outstanding first class is the best news of my life ever,” said the University of Hertfordshire student. The results were released last Friday.

“I was the only Kenyan student in the course and less than 10 other students came from Africa,” said Jepleting.

Jepleting schooled at Meswo and St Mathews Septonok primary schools in Nandi County before joining Moi Girls High School, Eldoret. She is the daughter of a retired Anglican Church Priest, Rev Mark Sang from Nandi County.

After the sterling performance, Jepleting now plans to go for post-graduate studies. “Now for my Masters degree I want to specialise in structural and design part of the Engineering. That entails the whole process from design to the making of the aircraft, stress analysis and aircraft performance,” she says.

Then, with a chuckle, she adds: “They say everything you can see in aircraft is aerospace engineering and anything you cannot see is aerospace system engineering.”


Jepleting thanks her parents and relatives for her success. “I cherish to set up my goals and with a firm purpose. That is what my parents have taught me all along. My grandmother was a great friend and an inspiration. She told me that nothing could stop me from achieving whatever I set my mind on no matter where I came from.”

She has big dreams for her future. “Aviation industry is growing everywhere. I see innovative ideas and designs being implemented today. They make the aircraft better, safer and efficient and I’d certainly want to be in the team that’s making this huge contribution be it in my loved country Kenya, UK or elsewhere in the world.” - The Standard

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Ndugu Jelepting:

Chamgee? Kongoi missing. Hongera sana kwa kufaulu masomo yako kwa kiwango cha juu hivyo. Furaha kwako na kwa familia yako.

Sisi sote twajivunia ushindi wako.

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Talk for yourself, pls.
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Safi wa Safi
Listen Guest! Get off and go to OK? There is where idiots like you belong.
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I have a voice, I do not need someone to talk for me....ati sisi sote.. yeye na wewe...sio mimi. Choose proper words...communicate to be understood not just to be heard,,,, and btw, let others talk, don't behave like you own their mouth. Wewe mdomo baggy!

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Jena N
Hongera madam.I love seeing women...Kenyan women excelling in Engineering.Love it.congratulations
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Finally a real hero who needs a real homecoming. Jepleting , you make our country proud.You make those of us who have spent decades teaching young people tear up and jump with joy.You have overcome many odds to make it this far.Yet you did not sit there and blame anyone but got hold of opportunities that came your way and excelled.That is the biggest lesson.Your parents are proud and blessed.Kenya is better with more Jepletings and less of political cartoons and hooligans.Keep it up.
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Congratulations Fiona Jepliting, wish you all the best in your future endeavors.kindly encourage other young ladies to take education seriously and empower them to see the good aspects of Education and what value it will bring to their future.


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am soo proud of you, congratulations. This is the kind of motivation Kenyan ladies need
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Congratulation Jepleting.Am so proud of you and your parents who were my spiritual parents a few years ago.
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Jepleting congrats ,as Nandi community and Kenya as a whole. We busk on your success .I hope in the next decade we shall have many jepleting and our aviation industry shal boom.

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we are proud of you. you ve put kenya on the world map. Time for kenyan women to showcase what they re made of. Congratulations are in order.

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Paul migiro.

Congrats Jepletin! i think u wld first thank GOD 4 te far u v gon; u'v brot a confirmation code to females as a whole tat they r also capable to make it..!.. kongole dear!

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nduta njeru

Thank you Jepleting for your inspiring success.You've made it seem more possible.Am behind you.A matter of time and I will be where you are, though in a different field.

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Congrats gal and wish you all the best. First and foremost, you have made your parents, grandma, and relatives proud. Kenya must be proud to have you too
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Wacha ni seme kwa kiswahili. Kwanza kabisa, hongera to the likes of Adongo, Lupita, Obama,and again the ice hockey star Oduya mwenye pia alitufanyisha proud kama hamjui kwa ile Olympic iliyo chezwa Russia. Kuseam ukweli tunafaa tukubaliana ya kuwamba kuna wakenya wengine wako diaspora lakini bado akili yao ni ile ile tu ya ushago kabisa. Hawa ndio wakienda kenya wako soo arrogant, na huku wanachunguliatu waze. tuwache hii akili ndogo ya wakenya. mwengine hapa anatumia jina kam guest. Hawa ndio wale wale tu wenye wako huku lakini tabia na uchawi ni ile ya home. wake up! tusiachie tu the O's ndio watuweke on a world limelight jameni ata sisi makabila zingine tujaribu. Jepleting hongera. Mungu akubariki kwa kutuinuwa jina la nci letu kenya. proud of you.

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