Boy's Undying Hope to Join High School [VIDEO]

At the crack of dawn just before the sun rises and warms the undulating hills of Kayuyu village in Mathioya, a teenage boy rises and heads to a road-side quarry.

For 16-year-old Collins Macharia from Murang’a County, life has just handed him its roughest side just a few days after he finished his primary school education.

Despite having scored 352 marks out of a possible 500 marks in the 2013 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam, a soft spoken but confident Macharia may well spend the better part of his life breaking stones to earn a living.

This is unless he manages to raise school fees for his secondary education.


But young Macharia is a determined soul; he has sat the KCPE exam three times, each time hoping to score higher marks and attract a sponsor but to no avail.

“I finished class eight last year at Gitugi Primary School and was the third best KCPE candidate in that school,” he said during the interview with this writer on Friday last week


However, proceeding to secondary school still remains a dream task for the first born in a family of three.

Macharia’s mother Charity Wangari, 41, is disabled and single and she cannot manage to engage in menial labour to pay for her son’s secondary school fees.

So is the boy’s grandmother 65-year-old Mary Muthoni who also has a disability on her legs and walks with help of a crutch.


The resilient teenager first sat his KCPE in 2011 and managed to score 286 marks but his teachers were able to convince him to repeat class eight so as to possibly score higher marks and hopefully secure sponsorship.

The following year, in 2012, despite the biting poverty and challenges, he scored 331 marks and got admission to Njumbi Boys High School but he lacked school fees.

Again his teachers prevailed upon the pupil to repeat so as to hopefully score more than 350 marks to get local sponsorship.

They argued that several banks and institutions supporting needy school children in the county were mostly assisting those with 350 marks and above and if Macharia managed that, then he would possibly get help and pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

“We have been supporting the boy the best way we could like buying uniform for him and paying for his KCPE exam registration as well as waiving other charges.

We really hoped that he would join high school” said Macharia’s class teacher Mr Zachariah Kamau Maingi.


The indefatigable young man full of hope and determination did another year and true to his promise, he scored 352 marks in the 2013 KCPE exam.

But despite his hopes that he would get help, none has been forthcoming so far.

“I have approached several potential sponsors and filed numerous application forms but it seems the competition is too high now,” he said, taking a short break from breaking rocks to make gravel.

“Previously I was told that if I managed to score more than 350 marks, I would get assistance.

I have done so but it seems the stakes are too high this time,” he says, his eyes clearly yearning for help.

And so the boy has resolved to breaking stones into small concrete chips for sale hoping that he will raise enough amount of money to enable him join a local polytechnic.

That too has not been possible.

Since August 2013 when he ventured into the hard labour together with his uncle Peter Kafungo, Macharia has only managed to sell two wheel barrows of gravel at Sh300.

The money was used to buy food for the family.


“I would really love to go to any high school but then if that is not possible, I am hoping to join a polytechnic although that is not my desire,” he says, his soft voice almost dimmed by the tapping sound of small hammers of other men also breaking concrete together with the boy.

His uncle, Mr Kafungo says the teenager approached him saying he wanted to join him in breaking the stones and he gave him a small mallet.

Macharia has so far broken concrete chips worth sh8, 000 but has not managed to sell them.

At the family’s two roomed iron sheet house which is a walking distance from the road-side quarry, the teenager’s grandmother described the boy as very obedient and determined.

“I only pray that God will perform a miracle and enable the young boy to go to high school as has been his dream,” says Ms Muthoni, as she supports her old frame on a wooded crutch.

And as the interview ends, Macharia goes back to his daily chore not minding the dust emanating from the road and the scorching January sun; his consolation perhaps coming from the shade provided by a small mango tree.

- Daily Nation

JM's picture

How can one get in touch with these kid and/or his guardians. I would like to help.

JM's picture
joseph francis
please call 4436166433/4108081645 we see how we can help this desperate kid.we should count ourselves blessed.
JM's picture

Thinking we should pay the school directly and some money for the up-keep.

JM's picture

You are right, Guest. Not through bogus charities which take advantage of willing donors to divert funds elsewhere. Funds and any assistance should be sent directly to the school account.

JM's picture

swara,not all are bogus charities.some of us, we have the heart to help.join me,we help this boy.

JM's picture

am calling all wellwishers to join hands and educate this boy, anyone willin up ang to join me and contribute funds for the welfare of this boy. If atleast we get like 5 people who can chip in approx. kshs 10,000 for the rest of four years, we can set account and by so doing he will be able to go through high school with no problems of school fees. Please contact me on the email below if you are interested in doing this noble work. God bless.

JM's picture

@ Njihia, i do like ur idea n i'd love to join u in helping this young man. # ## No one deserve to go thru what he is going thru#

JM's picture
Joseph m Waithaka

I was also trying to gather a group and we can pool the resources together and send the boy to school. Am trying to see what school he goes to and from there we can work out the costs and deal with the school direct or through NMG. Be blessed.let me know the progress.

JM's picture

I am sponsoring three kids as of now but I am willing to chip in. 10K each will work perfect if we get 10-15 sponsors at that rate. Does anyone know what institution this kid is being admitted to and if NMG is involved since they can be a trusted guardians.

JM's picture
joseph francis



Thanks alot for all those who have shown interest to assist this kid.i will update you in due course.

JM's picture

I too would like to join and support this boy. How do we coodinate to make it happen? It just pains me when I read such a story, while our Government is spend a 100 million plus to build a house for one person.

JM's picture

Someone please find where this boy has been admitted and we can move forward. I will be contacting all who have left there emails and phone and see how I can have my share be useful to the boy's education. Count your blessing and open your heart to the needy. God bless all.

JM's picture

Has anyone been able to locate this child's school and info? Please let us know. For those of us who want to help as individuals not just for school fees but other stuff too that the kid may.

JM's picture

There is an account established by Equity bank and whoever wants to send donation can send there or utilize the one established by Nation Media Group. The information is contained on the second article published on Mwakilishi/ DN.

Here is the link:

JM's picture

Good comments everybody.But genuinely if any body wants to help this boy,please we coordinate. i have his admission letter from the school, and i got a guardian from catholic church muranga dioceses.

Call or email me or 4108081645.

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