Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor's Parents Killed in Arson Attack

Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor

Parents of Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor were killed in their home by arsonists in a shocking incident.

The elderly couple’s house was torched in the killing at Kabete Village, Kisumu County that is believed to have taken place at around 10pm.

Francis Owuor, 83,  and his wife Mary, 65,  died on Thursday night after the attack, believed to have been carried out by three people. Owuor’s body was burnt beyond recognition, he was reportedly beaten to death. She had cut and bruises on the face.

A sombre-mood engulfed the homestead as over 500 villagers milled the home. Women wailed and men talked in low tones.

There were about 20 Adminstration Police officers at the compound as from about 5pm.

Wycliffe Owuor, a younger brother to the area MP, said neighbours called him to inform him about the fire.

“I live in Kisumu and neighbours called me at around 10pm to inform my parents’ house was on fire,” he said, adding that when he arrived at the home, about an hour later, frantic efforts were being made to put off the fire.

The attackers are believed to have come to the deceased compound as early as 7pm.

The late Owuor worker is reported to have been beaten and locked by the assailants.

Nyakach OCPD Dismus Wanjala, who was at the scene, said he was unable to give any details.

The home is about 20 kilometres from Ahero- Kisii Road. Aduma was reportedly travelling to Nyakach from Nairobi.

The MP has been vocal on issues relating to cattle-rustling in the area. He has had a brush with the law after he took a body of a man shot with arrows to the regional commissioner’s office in Kisumu, about two months ago.

In August he escaped death after he was involved in an accident along Kericho- Mau Summit road.

The vehicle, which had four occupants rolled several times before landing into a ditch.

The late are parents’ in-law to Kisumu West MP Oluoch Olago.

- The Standard


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My condolences to the M.P's parent. Why hurt the elderly? All the M.P and his colleagues want is change in the way politics in the region have been conducted in the past. I pray and hope ODM old guards are not behind this. Pray for the family.

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This is too annoying and beyond anyone's imagination. Whatever the reason behind this, how would killing such elderly harmless people benefit the Killers? Are there gangs out for hire to do such ungodly acts or its a bad spirit that prevails upon such hooligans to commit such heinous acts.

May God console the bereaved family.

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What do you expect?  The country is being led by the two ICC candidates who should not have been allowed to run for any public office while indicted by the ICC for committing crimes against humanity.

I blame the head of the IEBC and Kenyan Supreme Court Chief Justice for allowing these two people to run for any public office in our beautiful Kenya.

I am challenging all Kenyans to ask these two people to resign or be impeached.  Enough is Enough.  How much more embarrassing incidents are we willing to face!

The insecurity in Kenya is solely as a result of a nation being led by people who should not have been allowed to run!  We all know very well that their running for the highest office of the land was to avoid going to Hague!  In the few months after they took office, our national airport was turned into ashes.  No one has been arrested or prosecuted.  The Westgate stopped to exist with over 60 lives abruptly terminated!  How much more can we take?

I  am making an appeal for all peace loving Kenyans to read what Brother Njoya wrote in the Daily Nation of November 9, 2013.  This Brother is a true patriot of Kenya.

When I read that some selfish members of Parliament have found a bar in Hague where they are drinking and also listening to the Kenyan music. My first reaction is that: Is this true?  Where is the Public Prosecutor?  Are they being paid their monthly salary?  Who is paying for their daily expenses in Hague?  What are they doing in Hague?

The fear that the people of Kenya have on their leaders has led to this decadence!  As one former US president once said, " ...the only thing to fear is the fear itself."  The fact that our greedy and extremely arrogant MP's know that Kenyans are cowards, they will continue to get away with murder.

I am asking our Public Prosecutor to demand that these "praying and drinking" MP's return back to Kenya immediately or lose their seats.  I am asking the members of press to have the moral courage to let us know the names of these "praying and drinking " MP's

ENOUGH  IS  ENOUGH.  Written by an extremely Patriotic Kenyan who wants to see impunity, corruption and arrogance disappear in his lifetime!

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