For Sale: Diaspora Village Phase 3 Residential Properties in Isinya, Kenya

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Diaspora Village Management Company Ltd has Phase 3 of their modern controlled residential development project in Isinya, Kenya up for sale. The project is a controlled development, and buyers will have a choice of five house designs. Buyers may also choose their own design, which must be approved by Diaspora Village Management Company Ltd.

The development borrows from the best practices from the Diaspora Communities in which most of the buyers live.

The project will be fully serviced with modern infrastructure: Cabro/Tarmac Roads, Perimeter Fence, Security Patrol, Street Lighting, Water, Onsite Police Post, Business Park, Club House w/ Gym, Recreation area, and a Swimming Pool.

The development is located 18km from Konza (Kenya's Silicon Valley).

All plots are 50ftx100ft (1/8 of an acre) and are priced at Ksh 870,00, with payment plans available as follows:

WITH DEPOSIT (all figures in KSh)
Price: 870,000
20% Deposit: 174,000
Monthly payments (12-Month plan): 63,810
Monthly payments (24-Month plan): 34,750
Monthly payments (36-Month plan): 25,165

WITHOUT DEPOSIT (all figures in KSh)
Price: 870,000
0% Deposit: 0
Monthly payments (12-Month plan): 79,800
Monthly payments (24-Month plan): 34,750
Monthly payments (36-Month plan): 33,225

To book a plot or for more information:
USA: +1 214 347 4912
UK: +44 203 287 7602
Kenya: +254 729 154 009 / +254 716 015 252


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stellah makana

I would like to receive more information on this plots for sale..

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Mitti Arap Romney

Stellah Makana : When the deal is too good,think twice!

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