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Classic 105 Presenter Ciku Muiruri Subjected to Racism in the US

Ciku Muiruri, a radio presenter at Classic 105, became a victim of racism last week while in the USA. Surprisingly enough, the one who subjected her to this kind of prejudice was black American. Ciku had previously taken part in the Chicago Marathon, a run thatis aimed at charity and afterwards gotten this treatment in a hotel.

Ciku narrated how a black American waitress had asked her whether she lives in a hut back at home and that despite her clarifying that there is poverty everywhere, the waitress emphasized that we all live like that and that there are no buildings like the one Ciku was in back at home. Here is what Ciku posted on her social media account following this ordeal.

So this Black American who was serving us breakfast has just asked me if we live in huts back home. I told her that there is poverty everywhere, even in Chicago, where I’ve seen many homeless chaps. She nods impatiently and says “But all of YOU live like that. There are no buildings like this, right?”
I slowly counted to 10 and handed her my camera that has pics of me in Serena Elementaita and Swahili Beach hotel and said in my sweetest voice: “Our hotels are much nicer. Your hotel, for us, is a downgrade.” You should’ve seen her face. LOL!

The racism she faced clearly show how people in the western countries view Africans from Africa. It is very sad that after all this years they still believe that Africa is underdeveloped.


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