[VIDEO] Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero Caught on Video Slapping Rachel Shebesh

In another shameful incident involving Nairobi politicians, Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero was today caught on video slapping Nairobi Women’s Representative Rachel Shebesh. The incident happened as Shebesh led striking City workers to Governor Kidero’s office to demand for pay increases.

Watch the video here:

Video Coursey of Capital News

The incident happened just a day after Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko got into a verbal tirade with radio host Caroline Mutoko in a live radio interview.

[AUDIO] Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko insults Radio Presenter Caroline Mutoko on Air

TWENDE KAZI 's picture

Shame shame shame again.See how leaders are treating women leaders in Kenya in public. Worse the so called Dr. Kidero was voted in office with big margin by city voters and instead of resolving problem in board room he turned his anger on Shebesh and slapped her. Cant imagine what his wife has undergone ...and is this era of slapping woman or another Kenyan just because of championing workers rights.This shows he is not whom people see ,educated , former director etc and as such is among Kenyans who should change their attitude ,arrogant ... if this nation is to achieve vision 2030.This is end of road for him , he has failed intergrity test just like former deputy chief justice, who was shown door after pinching security guard at village market. Shebeth and Many in civil society will go to court and have him barred from office since there is video clearly showing what happenned. It better WAITITU was throwing stone to police. Now Jimnar and Waititu should be ready for by election soon......

TWENDE KAZI 's picture

WAITITU HAS ALSO SLAPPED Shebesh you MORON..And her name is SHEBESH NOT Shebeth...do you LISP OR SOMETHING? Learn how to spell and get your facts straight.Clueless,ignorant,uneducated,tribalist!!!!!AND YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY THE SAME PAT KENJUU PIECE OF TRASH!!!!!

TWENDE KAZI 's picture

Hi Mwakilishi......First am not amused by Insults by MKENYA and worse your paper claims to check the comments before publishing.

Tell MKENYA ...Am not the husband of that woman who was slapped to know spelling of her name nor do i know her tribe. I wrote based on human rights and ethics that stipulates very clearly how public official like Kidero must behave or treat other that he is serving or working with.

Your paper also dare print this insults ...means Mwakilshi staff or editor is involved in this in MKENYA reply......and surely am not that simple Kenyan , i have travelled all continents and even in so called failed states ...but no one can treat another like in case of Kidero..or icase where woman gave birth on florr in Bungoma Hospitals...in those failed nations, if there is no justice then ....people take in their hands......and soon Kenya will head that way.What happens in Kenya a nation that claims have educated workers is pathetic and i cannot stand it........for those in uncle sam .......please note you are not superior nor knowlegable more than Kenyans at home.........

Bye mwalilishii.....this is my last time to comments in this paper..........i have lot to do than comment on Public Hospitals that i will never go to.............and dirty city hall politics......

TWENDE KAZI 's picture

Shame on you Kenyan mens.....in public and you slap a woman. This person should be sued for physical harassment and fired. It's a shame, I can't even imagine what kind of examples he is setting to his kids or young Kenyan men. Anybody who hits a woman is just a coward immature boy...just saying.

TWENDE KAZI 's picture

I once heard wise counsel on leadership which is quite relevant in this situation. DO NOT be in haste to take up leadership positions rather, use that haste to correct character flaws within. The problem with being in a leadership position is that whatever flaws were disregarded previously only have an opportunity to be MAGNIFIED on a large scale in a leadership position.

TWENDE KAZI 's picture

Foreskin driven mentality......that will not take Kenya far if the Kideros ahve real power......shame shame to DR who now will join ranks of former DCJ......

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