Africog Launches Website on Electoral Malpractices

A website with evidence detailing electoral malpractices of the March 4 General Election which the Supreme Court ruled against during the petitions has been launched.

Ms Gladwell Otieno and Zahid Rajad from Africa Centre for Open Governance (Africog) have partnered with Inform Action Director Mr Maina Kiai to launch the 'People's Court' ( where evidence on electoral malpractices will be uploaded.

The public would also have a forum to post their experiences during the elections.

The public would also be allowed to criticise and recommend new ways of conducting a free and fair election which the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) can adopt.

“This is not about individuals but the elections process. The website will open a public debate with the aim of strengthening our democracy,” said Africog's Executive Director, Ms Otieno.

The website has been launched ahead of a detailed finding to be released by the Supreme Court on its ruling during that upheld the election of Uhuru Kenyatta as Kenya's fourth president.

The Supreme Court ruled that the election was free, fair and transparent.

The court dismissed petitions by Africog and Cord's presidential candidate Raila Odinga challenging the validity of the elections and the victory of Uhuru Kenyatta.

Africog said it would upload a 900 page document detailing evidence on alleged electoral malpractices it managed to gather in its monitoring of the electoral process for the people to decide.

“Supreme Courts could be wrong and they have been wrong in the other jurisdictions such as in the US. That is why we want an open debate on this issue to allow the public to decide for themselves what took place,” said Mr Kiai.

Ms Otieno said the intention of kick-starting the debate was not to change the decision by the Supreme Court but to initiate debate among Kenyans about their institutions.

- Daily Nation

Mayaka's picture

Saying No to Arab Spring kind of movement in Kenya:Kiai, Cord and Co.

It is not hard to see the route and script these so called civil society groups are going. Intelligent people are aware of your intentions-modern day rebels who make their countries ungovernable for an income and ignore the plight this brings to individuals and national security and development.

Please be patriotic for once. Your fight is not for the people but for individual gain. Cord is ready to work using every mean to engage everybody-this is their work and when the situation goes out of control, ofcourse the bulls are all well protected except for those without the blessings of the masters who will pay millions/billions of their tax payers dollars to support rebels against their own nations.

With the knowledge of what has happened in Syria, Libya, Ivory Coast and the resentment in Ghana, should the Civil society and Cord take Kenya that route, then they should bear full responsibility of the outcome.

Hope the "Daily Nation"-maybe consider changing nation to one of the civil society ones - begin to reflect the image of Kenya and not just report in favour of sections of society and individuals. Also you have been copying internationalscripts without acknowledging especially on the ICC issues. You have a huge role to play in responsible and professional journalism that balances views and demonstarate some level of independence and intelligence so to say.

My one cent worth advice to all who love Kenya is to support the governmentin  building Kenya, spend the funding to build not to destroy institutions and confidence people have in them. The world has already experienced enough violence, what we need is peace and your reward should be for nation building and peace not incitement.

Long live Kenya and Kenyans in every corner of the country!!!!

Mayaka's picture

Real or False World:
I appreciate where we have come from as a country-the democratic gains and sense of determination to see fair play in our dealings, both in politics and governance. And we are headed in the right direction except for self-centered and shortsighted fellow citizens who have chosen to only see things through their religious, ethnic, class, generational, gender or political windows. I hold that any and every Kenyan has a right to what is constitutionally guaranteed to them and any attempt to frustrate such amounts to injustice.

Mayaka, I think we have a right to not hold people we give office or responsibility as angels or super-humans. The moment we do this we relegate ourselves to naivety and becoming subjects of gods we have created. Those who hold those offices are human brother they are HUMAN and, left without checks and balances, may become demonic. Moreover, are we prepared to let go of our rights as the citizenry because we don't want to make someone appear black since the moment they appear black we will be promoting Western agenda? Can we afford to be so naive to believe that peace means absence of war only? Is it possible to have a non violent revolution in Kenya so that politicians and other people who treat us as voiceless and non entities are taught to know their rightful place and regard us with respect? We cannot sell the image of God in us for political expediency nor trade our dignity with narrow view of life because our person(s) are in power.

There is a possibility that what we have in Kenya today is false peace and false confidence. The most painful thing that we each have to face and contend with is to allow an introspection of ourselves and the people or institutions we claim to have confidence in. We don't want to wake up one day only to find that the Chief Justice, The President, IEBC Chair and all other players have only been taking us for a ride because we allowed them to. It would be prudent for us, each time, to interrogate, question and bring  to account such people that afford a sh.1 million plate lunch, splash water on us as we trek to work in the morning with their expensive machines, make us spend hours on TV watching them as news-makers, live luxeriously and take their children to schools that our lifetime savings cannot afford with our taxes - hard earned pence. I am afraid that one's intelligence is another's nonsense especially if our intelligence promotes destruction of dignity, rights, peace and freedom that we so valiantly worked for. My tribe, religion, age, gender and political affiliation only benefits this country when it advocates for equity, freedom, empowerment and good of each and every citizen of this country. Let us not create demons we will never have power to cast out.

God bless Kenya! God bless us all, we pray!

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