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Kenya Human Rights Groups Launch The Peoples Court

Kenyan human rights activist Maina Kiai has announced the launching of  a website called “The People’s Court”, which he says is a joint project between AFRICOG and InformAction and “is an attempt to present in public all the evidence around the recent elections.”

The People’s Court, which will be launched tomorrow, April 12 at 10am at the Sarova Stanley Hotel in Nairobi, will be an accountability mechanism on the IEBC and the Supreme Court and will give the public unique access to all evidence filed at the Supreme Court in the presidential election petition, according to the statement from Kiai.

Here is the full statement:

On behalf of InformAction and AfriCOG, I am pleased to invite you to the launch of a website called, The Peoples Court tomorrow Friday April 12, at 10:00am at The Sarova Stanley Hotel.

I am sorry for the incredibly short notice in getting this to you, but I hope that some of you will attend or send representatives to the event as a sign of your support for openness, accountability, and the freedom of expression and information.

The website is a joint project between AfriCOG and InformAction and is an attempt to present in public all the evidence around the recent elections. Some of that is from the cases filed at the Supreme Court, but it will also include material and information from citizens, observers and others. Citizens will be provided a location to post /Number to send text messages in order to submit any information and evidence they gathered so that the complete truth on the recent elections can emerge.

Importantly, The People’s Court will be an accountability mechanism on the IEBC and the Supreme Court. Analysis of the Courts decision will be posted on the website hoping to engender critical and constructive discussions on why they took the decision that they did, in the face of the evidence that will be presented.

The People’s Court gives the public unique access to all the evidence filed at the Supreme Court in the Civil Society petition challenging the election process.

By inviting citizen participation, we aim to make institutions accountable and uphold the high democratic standards of the constitution. We also hope that the website will be used as a forum for debate and opinion, celebrating freedom of expression in Kenya and our vibrant tradition of democracy activism.

Kindly share this with other colleagues who may be interested.

Kind regards,

Maina Kiai
KPTJ Secretariat
Africa Centre for Open Governance
Kabarsiran Avenue, off James Gichuru Road, Lavington
P.O.Box 18157 – 00100 Nairobi
Tel. 0705 142 118/ 0728 787 929


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