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Presidential Debate Turns Mohammed Dida into an Overnight Celebrity

Mohammed Abduba Dida is a man who most Kenyans had never heard of before last night’s Kenya presidential debate. It took the intervention of the High Court for Dida, the previously little-known Alliance for Reach Change (ARC) presidential candidate, to be included in the debate.

The 39-year-old former Lenana High School teacher managed to break away from the seriousness of the debate and infused humor on his answers to questions on various issues, making his name and quotes some of the most trending topics on social media during and after the debate. His appearance in the debate has made him an overnight celebrity, with his facebook page attracting over 11,000 new “Likes” in just the last 24 hours. Kenyan TV stations also appear to be clamoring for his attention, with an appearance on KISS TV tongiht at 8pm and another at NTV scheduled for 9pm.

Here are just some of the memorable/humorous quotes by Dida from last night’s debate:

  • If your football team is loosing then you change their uniform you have not solved the problem.”
  • A teacher is like a lactating cow. To get more milk from it you must feed it.”
  • “Somebody with a PhD in electricity will spend a night in the dark but a class 8 dropout will fix it.”
  • “When you are hungry eat, but don’t fill your stomach with githeri because  you won’t have space for water.”
  • “Shikuku used to say said that during the Kanu regime what was eaten up used to trickle down. Under this government, they eat more than Kanu and nothing trickles down.”
  • Kenya is a country of 80 per cent Christians and 20% other religions but everywhere you go there are signs of mganga...our politicians are devil worshippers.
  • When a society goes for Waititu and not Jimnah, then there is a problem.
  • “It is a shame that we still treating jiggers and learning how to wash hands. All those years, where were you?”
  • “Twenty years ago teachers were very important but today every child has a lawyer.
  • For those who signed and did not read, we have the national anthem

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Jokes arising from the debate (as shared by Kenyans on Twiiter):

  • “Just spotted Dida at carnivore having his one meal of the day including 1/3 air and 1/3 water!!! Am in awe!!!”
  • the closest Dida can get to statehouse is by being a teacher at statehouse girls
  • “Before Dida it was a Two Horse Race .... Now we have Two Horses and a Unicorn ..”
  • “Dida must have been that kid who when asked what 1+1 was, he would go on and on about how their camel gave birth to a calf”
  • “The more I listen to Dida, the more I want to meet the guy. Just to find out whether he is just goofing with us or he is for real”
  • “@MwalimChurchill Dida is good to go in the world of comedy!”
  • “How about #Dida taking over the principal of Tahidi High”
  • “Dida dropped his CV at the brookhouse principals office jst incase kiumane”
  • “Kenyans may get three #FirstLadies should presidential candidate Dida win: The 39-year-old has 3 wives & 11 children”
  • “It was a two horse race till Dida registered his camel.”
  • “Just when we thought the election was going to be a 2 horse race Dida introduced a camel”
  • “We want Dida on XYZ. We want Dida on Churchill. We want Dida on The Trend. We want Dida on Tujuane”
  • “XYZ crew have a busy week ahead...making Didas puppet for the next show”
  • “Dida on XYZ will be the icing on the cake!! I cant wait.”
  • “Apparently after addressing the nation at the Presidential Debate #KEDebate2013 #Dida, dropped a copy of his CV for the Brookhouse Principal”
  • The Dida diet: 1/3 githeri; 1/3 water; 1/3 breathing space (?) ...& stop stuffing your faces; I love this man. Vegetarianism & water

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