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IEBC Releases Final Voter Registration Tally

The Indeppendent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has released a report of the Kenyans who registered as voters during the registration period that ended on Tuesday, December 18th. The report indicates that a total of 14,337,399 Kenyans registered as voters for the 2013 general elections, representing 79.7% of the 18 million Kenyans IEBC had targeted to register.

The top five counties in turnout were: Nairobi (121.6%), Kiambu (113.7%), Nyeri (110.4%), Lamu (109.5%), and Kirinyaga (106.7%).

The bottom five counties in turnout were: West Pokot (45.1%), Garissa (40%), Wajir (35.7%), Turkana (30.2%), and Mandera (25.3%).

In terms of actual numbers of registered voters, Nairobi County led with a total of 1,778,903 registered voters.

See the full list (by constituency) here.Image removed.

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