IEBC Releases Final Voter Registration Tally

The Indeppendent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has released a report of the Kenyans who registered as voters during the registration period that ended on Tuesday, December 18th. The report indicates that a total of 14,337,399 Kenyans registered as voters for the 2013 general elections, representing 79.7% of the 18 million Kenyans IEBC had targeted to register.

The top five counties in turnout were: Nairobi (121.6%), Kiambu (113.7%), Nyeri (110.4%), Lamu (109.5%), and Kirinyaga (106.7%).

The bottom five counties in turnout were: West Pokot (45.1%), Garissa (40%), Wajir (35.7%), Turkana (30.2%), and Mandera (25.3%).

In terms of actual numbers of registered voters, Nairobi County led with a total of 1,778,903 registered voters.

See the full list (by constituency) here.

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Credibility is key for Kenyans to have faith in IEBC. So far so good. Going by the numbers that turned out to register, citizens have embraced and appreciate that only by registration and through ballot do they have control over the country's destiny. I thus request the electoral body to oversee the voting process freely n fairy.

Meanwhile, it is heart breaking to note that two weeks after conclusion of the exercise, the BVR officials haven't been paid. This may have a negative impact on the exercise when dissatisfaction comments hit the media houses. In light of this, what is the official position on this?


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IEBC should pay the people who helped them register these people. It is unfortunate that no one cares to talk about this issue.

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IEBC is still dumb on the payment issue. This is criminal and against the constitution. Payment should have been done by now and it is so disheartening not to pay promptly. Remember that those who engaged had to work from 7am-7pm without a break. Thus, within the contract period, they couldn't engage in any other economic activities other than registration. Without any down payment and given the festive season, majority are in debts. It is time IEBC released their payment otherwise, we shall witness another mass action n sabotage as the officials take to the streets.

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jeremiah theuri

Its a big shame that iebc can not deliver payments for us who helped then in the voter registration in diffrent forms. this is worrying since i do not trust them any more in delivering the results in a day if the can not deliver payments in two weeks.

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esther miyare

i would like to know which registered party i belong to.

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@miyare: follow the link:

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patrick samwa

Congratulation for the reg. Can you please as a commission tell kenyans when you are going to carry out the much needed civic education.

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julius magigwe chacha

I would like to know which party am registered with.

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mathii john munene

can you please tell me which party am registered with?

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Joined: Thu, 11/05/2009 05:45PM -0400

Julius & Mathii,

Click on the following link to check which party/if any you are registered with:

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Rotich Rich

Work done by IEBC so far is good, only that there should be improvement here n there; ie, payment of staff n supliers in time and adhearance of calender & schedules, avoiding of last minute changes and alteration of programs.

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I am completely unhappy to learn that my name is not in the register after straggling to travel 300 kms to do registration- I was given an acknowledgement slip no.0003901630 which i am still asking what it was for. Do i have to go back( pay 2500 fare) and do a second registration, how can i trust IEBC when even without getting registered, i can find my name under aparty i have never been a member of. Come on lets be serious

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samuel mose

we need to see the full list of our ward Nairobi south B and also constituency starehe.

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Personally i think iebc did a comedable job and Kenyans should learn to give credit where its due.

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Munyoki Benjamin

When is civic education starting?

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heko so far for a job well done. what i would not like to believe is the conclusion of voting in a day. taking the worst scenario of a slow illiterate voter, the number of computers per polling station, the number of voters, the time to think, decide, seek assistance,fill the ballot and cast, tells me that it will not be less than ten minutes.

Keep us in a good footing and tell us that in some or most stations it will take 2 to 3 days, before tangible results are availed.

This will make voters avoid speculations if it ever happens for heavens sake.

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teresiah wachira

I was not satisfied coz i registered i hav a voters card but when i enquire from the website nd thru 15872 it confirms am not. Now am in dailema dont know if i hav a chance to vote or shuld i just 4get abt it nd its my right pliz advice.

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