Top 10 Beautiful women in Kenya

Who does not love a beautiful masterpiece to look at and admire? The phrase ‘men were made, women were designed’ is a common phrase especially in the social media. What criteria have I used to come up with this list, you ask? Does it matter, I ask? However, if you insist on knowing…

Our society holds in such high esteem the ‘beauties with brains’. How else would they have come into the lime light if they were blonde? This list was very hard to come up with since we have so many wonderful ladies all around Kenya starting with our moms, that mama Mboga who gives you groceries on credit when it’s that broke time of the month and many more. So let me quit boring you with a lot of giberish and just get on with it…

Caroline Nderitu

Caroline is a performance Poet born in Central Kenya. She began performing when she was 4 years old just for fun. In addition to numerous prizes and accolades, she has written three books – Caroline Verses, Play Your Drum and Love Only. She facilitates a children’s club.  She is a frequent speaker at most government events, the major one (to me) being the Promulgation of the Kenyan Constitution. She has a unique brand of original poetry performances that indicate how proud she is of her Kenyan roots. True to the title of this article, she is an eye candy especially when she dresses in African attire.

Gina Din

Born in Nanyuki, has three sisters, a daughter and a son all whom she totally loves. She is an entrepreneur who set up the Gina Din Corporate Communications in 1997. Today it is recognized as the leading integrated public relations firm in East Africa and has garnered several awards. Ms Din-Kariuki is the Kenya Red Cross Goodwill Ambassador. She loves to exercise, party and relate with people on a personal level.

Jullie Gichuru

She is the digital manager at Citizen TV. She is also a wife, a mother of four and television host of the show Citizen Live that airs weekly (reason we all watch the evening Sunday news). She has worked in some of the biggest media houses in Kenya. She is a Kenyan sweetheart who attracts the youth to watching news as they feel it is a dull affair for the old folks. She has girlie looks and a humble attitude which makes one feel like she relates with issues on the ground. She is also quite a trend setter and a role model to many young people.
Lupita Nyongo

This black beauty we know mostly from the show ‘SHUGA’. She has worked on the production teams of critically acclaimed films including The Constant Gardener (2005) directed by Fernando Mereilles and The Namesake (2006) directed by Mira Nair. Miss  Nyong’o’s debut feature-length film was creating, producing, directing and editing IN MY GENES her final thesis project at Hampshire College, from where she graduated in 2007. IN MY GENES addresses the personal and societal challenges that people with albinism face. She loves acting and the response she has received as a result of Shuga, a film that highlights the sex, careless life of urban youths, situations that require life altering decisions and how all that may lead to getting infected with HIV/AIDS. It also highlights how you can live with the condition and how to avoid it.

Mumbi Kaigwa

She is a producer, performer, and writer who is considered to be one of Africa’s leading actresses. Her plays have been performed on BBC television and in theatres in New York, Holland, Belgium and Italy. She knew acting was what she wanted when she won the coveted Best Actress title at the Kenya Schools Drama Festival. Some highlights in Ms Kaigwa’s acting career include a role in the much acclaimed Australian soap opera “Neighbours” in 1995. She says. “If we are going to have respect for ourselves, we must celebrate our being. We don’t have to look for answers outside ourselves.”

Njoki Ndungu

She wants her epitaph when she passes on to read: “Here lies Njoki Ndung’u. She made Kenya a safe and better place for women to live in.” She has clearly put all her energy into making Kenya a safe place for women by being part of the team that give Kenya a new Constitution and making laws to help women. She is a women’s rights advocate who was the architect of the Sexual Offences Act.


Orie Rogo Manduli

She is a politician, entrepreneur, former rally driver and beauty queen. ­­­­ We know her mostly for her African attire and big head gears. She has fought many battles both on the political and civil society fronts. Manduli was the first female chairperson of the NGO Council. She is very proud of her figure, cat walk and the fact that she won a beauty peagant at age 16.


Terry Gobanga

Terry was gang raped on the morning that was supposed to be her wedding day. She healed after the ordeal with lots of help and support from family and friends. She later got married to her love Harry who had stood by her all this time. 29 days into the marriage Harry passed on due to carbon monoxide poisoning. She became depressed. Again, friends and family supported her through healing. She later got married to her current husband Tony Gobanga and they pastor a church called stones to Rubies Ministries located at China Center along Ngong road. They have a beautiful daughter called Tehille Terry Gobanga. Terry says her inspiration comes from the fact that she can tell people that bad situations are only there for a while. She has written a book – Crawling out of Darkness (2011) – that captures the details of her story and gives hope to those in despair.

Wanjiru Kamau- Ruttenberg

Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg founded Akili Dada, an international non-profit organisation based in Kenya in 2005. She is on a mission to address the vast underrepresentation of women’s voices from diverse and underprivileged backgrounds in decision-making positions. In January, Kamau-Rutenberg, a Professor of Politics at San Francisco University, was honoured by the Obama administration as one of fourteen “Champions of Change” who are leaders in American Diaspora communities with roots in the Horn of Africa.

Wanuri Kahiu

She is a film director who has received several awards and nominations for the films she has directed.She is the managing Director and Co-Founder of DaDa Productions. Ms. Kahiu produces celebrated Kenyan films and documentaries that tell stories of the people and moments in Kenyan history.




One thing I notice about most of these beauties is the desire to see the society change and they are determined to do just that one person at a time. As they mentor fellow women, very soon every man in the world will want to be associated with at least one Kenyan lady.  Just so you know, I belong in this list too!

- By Damah,

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Benard Obiero

I think that the writer is absolutely lost to the true meaning of beauty.....If you went to Kibera, Mathare, and the rurals, the listed names would be totally alien to the majority. The list is like some strange looking sculpture that appeals to only one class of people, or simply put, the creator...That is why it never seems to sell...

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The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It's the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.”

Benard Obiero's picture

I think it should be named "top successful kenyan women" than beauty.

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