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A Kenyan Fugitive Evades the US Law and Hides from Prosecution

A Kenyan fugitive has  evaded the  US law and has been hiding from prosecution. The  Kenyan who escaped from custody in Kenya  after stealing millions of Kenya shillings from Kenyans, has escaped prosecution in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA., where he was accused of theft and intimidation. Mr. John Mbugua Mwangi was to appear for sentencing at an Indianapolis court on 3rd of April 2012 but he did not show up. Soon the court issued a warrant of arrest and he is being sought up to this day.

A few months before this incident he was masquerading a business consultant in Massachusetts. While there, he received large sums of money from many Kenyans who hoped to gain from his perceived knowledge in business consultancy.

In Kenya where his real name was John Maina Mwangi, he left many Kenyans crying, as they wondered how he was able to escape from custody, after he was accused of robbing them money in the guise of buying then vehicles. It was after his escape from custody in Kenya,  he changed his name to John Mbugua Mwangi, to enable him to fly out to the United States of America undetected.

In USA he has subjected many women into agony and frustration after defrauding them money pretending he would sell them shares in his home care company. He has been targeting women who did not have proper documents to live in USA to avoid prosecution. John Maina Mwangi Aka John Mbugua Mwangi is trying to evade justice and is believed to be hiding in Massachusetts.

The Kenya Government should cooperate with the US government so that he would answer for all the crimes he has committed.  At the same time Kenyans living in Massachusetts and elsewhere in USA, should be on the look out for this man who has destroyed the lives of many Kenyans both in Kenya and in USA. They should report him to the US authorities on sight.

By Isaac Newton Kinity

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