Meet Dr Joe Mwangi Symmon - A Man On A Mission

Dr Joe Mwangi Symmon, CA Candidate for Governor

Rancho Cucamonga, CA - We have crossed into a grand new decade. It’s a new day, and a year of   victory for Joe Symmon campaign for Governor of California in 2010. Unstoppable dreams and fresh fire is birthed, and ultimately ignited to  catapult the Golden State back to its former luster and prominence. We will  stand together and do it because we have done it before and have been at the  top. For such a time like this, Sacramento needs a Governor with a moral  voice and integrity. Joe understands our problems and has the solutions and  courage to fight for what is correct.

Joe has dedicated his entire life to changing people’s lives, and now his goal is to change the lives of Californians for the better.

He came to California in pursuit of education and the ability to follow the  American Dream. He stepped foot in Los Angeles in 1983, when he began  studying intercultural studies and theology at Life Bible College. He  continued his education at the School of World Missions at Fuller Theological  Seminary in Pasadena, where he performed his graduate work in Intercultural  Studies. At the Fuller Theological Seminary, Joe exhibited the ability to  bring people together and was elected President of the Student Body. His leadership skills and ability to organize made him a successful president  of the Students and inspired him to take further steps towards making a  difference in people’s lives. While Joe is a California resident, his  charitable work has benefited Kenya immensely.

In 2003, Joe and his wife AlyceJo founded the Child of Destiny Organization a  (501 c (3) Christian Charity). Through this organization,

"Joe has been able to inspire hope and lives of hundreds of orphans have been given relief from extreme poverty and cruel streets lifestyles."

He has also built an orphanage, Elementary and High School that can house  approximately 800 kids on a 25 acres land. In cooperation with the school and  orphanage, Joe has been able to provide safe housing, sanitation, water  resources, and stability to a number of orphans throughout Kenya. Joe has  also been able to aid men and women in Kenya—by putting into operation the  construction of a clinic for HIV/AIDS testing, mammogram check-ups, and to be  equipped with a maternity ward for expecting mothers.

Joe’s dedication is helping to take in women that are HIV positive by encouraging them to dream  again. He has been able to give these women the encouragement needed to get  them to start dreaming again—and has given them the opportunity to make  money by training them to utilize their skills to initiate small businesses. Aside from his philanthropic work, Joe has dedicated himself to helping those  in need in the United States. Over the years, Joe has fed the homeless and given hope to the impoverished in California. In his professional life, Joe  has been able to undertake a diversity of business and church-related  endeavors. His entrepreneurial skills commenced in 1977. He started a realty  company and expanded his horizons to an underwriting insurance firm — until  he decided to pursue his charitable and mission work internationally. Joe has been happily married for almost 34 years to his wife AlyceJo. Their  marriage has allowed them to accomplish a wealth of benefits for people all  over the world.

Joe Symmon is a family man—he and his wife AlyceJo are the  proud parents of three children who are fully grown, and their family unit  remains strong and unshaken. Joe believes that family is one of the top  foundations in life, and protecting families all over California is his  number one vision, mission and priority. Though we shall be facing old and new challenges, we'll be working hard with  Californian residents at the grassroots level to elect a fresh administration  in Sacramento.

The stability of our families is at stake. Our environment demands protection  and programs that will reduce global warming. We are generating carbon  dioxide and other “greenhouse gases” at an unmatched rate in history.  These emissions will appallingly change our world’s climate if left  unbridled. We will plant millions of trees in California. People are loosing their businesses. Over 11.5% rate of unemployment is at  all time high. Our children’s safety needs protection. Our citizens ought  to have a great health care plan that works. We must wage a good fight and  reclaim our Golden State back and for our emerging generations. Our  infrastructure is getting congested daily. We know these reforms will not  happen overnight. But we will stand firm and together eliminate the  unacceptable status quo in California.

That is why Joe Symmon is taking this challenge to run for Governor of  California. This cannot be his campaign alone. We will work together and  initiate programs that will create jobs and put more people back to work. We  will work hard to erase the deficit and get our economy running again. There  is no reason why we should not reform our laws and give tax breaks to enable  a cordial business environment that will forestall immigration to friendlier  States.

When Joe Symmon is Governor, our families will rejoice again. Yes! Our  families, economy, education, environment, and healthcare are worth fighting  for. And this will happen when Joe is Governor of California.


You can visit Joe Symmon's website at

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well joe first of all congradurations for having the guts to run for the governor seat because am sure it took you time before you decided otherwise.Am wish you well my brother not just because am from kenya too but because i inted to go back to kenya and run for the top seat as well.Brother joe good lucky but dont forget kenya even though i have read your remarkable work back in kenya am ask you to keep going forward as kenya needs us more than before.Once again thanks for letting me comment on your page and may God guide and bless you on ur endevers.
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Guest Author

A brave man indeed but I can see how we all might begin to think that The man from Nyanza and who became president here has openned the door for Kenyans to vie for seat pahali popote. Building a school and feeding some children will not resonate with those who have other tough agenda to push...they only want to know that you answer to the proflie of a true, true American. Even Scwzennnggafa had to peleka msichana yao ndio akakubaliwa kunusa hio kiti So think about how you want to do it cos the religious angle has never worked. It is money, having the right complexion or affiliating very closely with the right complexion, then more, more, more mony...gud luk ...and call us to come eat and sing campaign songs!

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Guest Author

I am surprised at how every Kenyan is on this Joe Symmon for governor bandwagon. I know this man personally and the truth is he knows he don't have a shot at the governorship. His livelihood depends on donations and due to the bad economy in the USA, Dr Joe's pay check had been getting smaller and smaller.

Here are a few facts:

1) Dr Joe Symmon also known as Joe Mwangi changed his last name because years ago he was almost deported to Kenya.

2) Dr Joe Mwangi business relies on donations most of that money doesn't get to the children he claims to help but uses the money for personal use, such as mortgage on an 8 bedroom mansion and several big cars.

3) Just a year ago he moved from a big mansion to an even bigger mansion. After the real estate bubble burst, the Dr is now not able to pay his mortgage and car notes on time. He therefore came up with this scheme to run for governor and collect donations, not to use the money for campaign but to pay his bills.

4) His employees are meagerly paid and sometimes go for months without pay while the pastor lives a lavish life in California. Don't be fooled people, Dr Joe Mwangi knows he doesnt have a chance as governor but your donations will help upkeep his lifestyle, and thats the truth.

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Leslie Brown
This man is right about what he says: I am an American woman who has seen it with my own eyes and have evidence. If you are Kenyan, don't you want your leaders to be honest, caring, compassionate people who recognize that Kenyan's future is with its children? Not corrupt, money-oriented "Christians" who want nothing more than power and control? It's time to stop the corruption, lies, and misappropriation and support leaders who have a proven track record of honesty, collaborative spirit, and listening to the people! Joe Symmon is not one of them.
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Leslie Brown
I am an organization development consultant who traveled to Nairobi and lived at Joe Symmon's orphanage for four months in 2008. In 2009 I returned there to implore the Kenya government to intercede on behalf of the children at the orphanage he claims to have saved. Today I continue to get news from there about the lack of food, sanitary supplies, water (even though there is a well there!), funding for staff salaries, and "schools" run by incompetents which are so poor that children who attend there are failing their KCPE, a score that follows them their whole lives and prevents them from going to any decent secondary school. Make no mistake: this man and his "run for governor" is nothing more than a money making effort; he has NOT been sending any funds to the orphanage at all for several months, according to those who are there, AND he has a crooked and incompetent manager in place who threatens and abuses the children by withholding food, kicking the kids who speak up out on the street, and denying them medical care when they need it. Don't be fooled! Don't donate a dime. I continue to work to see this place closed down as the children there are starving and being cheated out of their childhoods.

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