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ODM Nullifies Busia Gubernatorial Nomination after Ojaamong Win, Orders Re-Vote

The ODM National Elections Board had nullified the results of the Busia primary election following massive irregularities and ordered the nomination process be repeated on April 25th.

The nomination exercise saw Governor Sospeter Ojaamong win with 92,358 votes against his challenger, Funyula MP Paul Otuoma who garnered 63,752 votes.

Soon after the election, Outoma’s supporters took to the streets of Busia shouting ‘No Otuoma, No Raila’ to protest the results.

Otuoma said Ojaamong had stolen ballot boxes with votes, which resulted in him getting more votes than there are registered voters in the region.

“Total registered votes in Teso in 38,000. Sasa, his watu wamepiga kuliko wenye wako registered kwa IEBC. Hate ukiwa mwizi lazima ukuwe na akili na adabu,” said Otuoma while addressing his supporters.

The ODM National Elections Board said it had noticed major irregularities in the results of the Busia nomination exercise, and as a result had nullified the results and set April 25th as the date the process will be repeated.

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