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Shipment Schedule with Titan Impex for Apr/May, 2017: Packages Picked Up at Your Doorstep

Do you have goods to ship from the US to Kenya? Call Titan Impex, LLC. Titan has been in business for 8 years and offers package pickup at your doorstep.

Please see below the April/May, 2017 pickup schedule for the next shipment by Titan Impex.

Schedule pickup by calling 908-917-1725

  • April 24th & 25th: NJ, NYC
  • April 26th: NJ, DE
  • April 28th & 29th: MD, DC, VA
  • May 1st: NY
  • May 2nd & 3rd: PA
  • May 5th & 6th: MA, CT, RI

Other states: Please call 908-917-1725

Check shipping rates at

Titan Impex LLC


Nice people, good service, honest businness,unlike my friend who lost 70% of his cargo via DMV shipping LLC. Please, ask around before you entrust your hard-earned on shippers who disappears with your goods and payment. The church, gatherings, parks, are a good place to get information. Don't be a victim like some people who still cannot believe how DMV enticed them with cheap rates. Bravo titan.

You are right Abida. I'm have used Titan once and it was ok. They keep their word, unlike this DMV shipping kinda arrogant guy who is now being investigate by the feds in all manner of fraudulent shipping and business maltipractices. Going for cheap rates exposes you to a dozen of vulnerabilities. Go for that big name. Avoid playing in the hands dishonest shippers who share ua hard earned sweat (cargo ) with salivating relatives, for real.

Thanks @solo and Abida for your tips. I'm have like two containers worth of loot and have just been asking around for a good shipper. At a nyama choma joint, most patrons adviced me against a Mr Willy, owner of DMV shipping who have left many Kenyans devastated after either losing their stuff, his people scavanging on their cargo, cargo being sprewn all over a compound in private home after arrival in Kenya, or simply disappeared with their cargo and payments, and is now under radar from the MD state and the feds. Am told there some guys in Virginia and New Jersey so am just being cautious. Thanks anyway.

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