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No Decision on Flag Bearer Yet, ODM Must Withdraw Remarks - Kalonzo

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has said a report listing Raila Odinga as the flag bearer of the NASA coalition and him (Kalonzo) as the running mate is incorrect as no decision has been reached yet. He also called on ODM to withdraw the statement.

A report leaked to the media last week listed Raila Odinga as the coalition’s flag bearer, Kalonzo Musyoka the running mate, while Musalia Mudavadi would be offered a powerful Chief Minister post that NASA intends to create once it get in power. Moses Wetangula would have a choice of Speaker of the Senate or Speaker of the National Assembly.

ODM secretary general Agnes Zani said the report was valid, though it was not meant to be released to the media. She said the decision was made by a 12-member technical committee.

Kalonzo wants Zani to withdraw her remarks publicly, adding that negotiations on the flag bearer are still ongoing.

ANC secretary general Godfrey Osotsi also issued similar sentiments yesterday, saying ODM was acting in bad faith. He also called on ODM to withdraw the statement.


That's a big league joke! Win elections then create another powerful position of Prime Minister which is more of power sharing?
Even if we gave a benefit of doubt that what was agreed was the truth, how then do we reconcile the fact parliament may not pass legislation allowing creation of these posts?

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