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Cracks in NASA as ODM, ANC Clash over Report on Flag Bearer

There was turmoil in the NASA (National Super Alliance) on Tuesday after Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC party accused Raila Odinga’s party, ODM, of acting in bad faith in releasing a report detailing the collation line-up for the August 8th general election.

ANC Secretary General Godfrey Osotsi said such a report did not exist, something that his ODM counterpart Agnes Zani disputed. “The sentiments by ANC SG Mr Godfrey Osotsi are skewed. The assertion that there is no report is not accurate. The report, and other processes are to be furthered on by the principals in next stages as was to be determined by them,” said ODM Secretary-General Agnes Zani.

The report, leaked to the media last week, says a 12-member committee settled on Raila Odinga as the coalition’s flag bearer, with Kalonzo Musyoka as his running mate. Musalia Mudavadi would be the Chief Minister (a new powerful position NASA intends to create), and Moses Wetangula as Speaker of either House of his choice – Senate or National Assembly.

Osotsi called ODM’s release of the report dirty propaganda and said it undermines the ongoing negotiation process. “We are outraged – and Zani ought to know – that admission by ODM party that it is responsible for dirty propaganda leaks undermines the credibility and integrity of the Nasa process. This level of arrogance shouldn’t be entertained… The ODM statement is a confession that leaves no doubt as to where leaks of working documents meant to undermine Nasa unity have been coming from. It is confirmation that ODM is negotiating in bad faith. This is bad manners that shouldn’t be entertained in any negotiation,” said Osotsi.


Hon Kenjuu

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 16:03

Apparently this damn fool did t learn anything from the 2012/13 fiasco!!!! How can he expect other politicians to give him the flag beware nomination on a silver platter as if they work solely for his success and not theirs??

How can you be promise a position of Chief Minister which does not exist in Kenya constitution. If Mudavadi believe they will create that position then yeye ni mjinga wa mwisho


Tue, 04/11/2017 - 20:57

First of all Mudavadi does not a huge number of supporters in western kenya or luhya land,Mudavadi only has a small margin of his maragoli clan around vihiga area where as RAO carries supporters from all corners of Kenya under ODM.(1) RAO fought for first and second liberation in kenya under autocratic regime of Moi.He has been detained more four time and tortured unb Moi.Mudavadi is wimp weakling sissy politician.History repeats itself and he did not learn from the previous mistakes where UHURUTO duped him which resulted to this thieves taking over the reign.I grew up when his father(senior) Mudavadi was in Moi regime,he was a gentleman and very powerful minister who did a lot of Luhya's.You can compare the son to the senior the late Moses A Mudavadi.He was a lion who roared in Lyhyaland and he meant business.I remember when there teachers recruitment in the whole country he made sure that kakamega province was the leading in the whole Nation.So please give RAO the flag bearer and the whole of Nyanza and western province will benefit.A ter all Nyanza province is a stone through away to Nyanza province.This Luhya talk eti Omunyolo or owo khumatsi is stupid talk.

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