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UK-Based Kenyan Preacher Gilbert Deya Accused of Presenting a UK Court with Fake Kenyan Document

UK-based Kenyan televangelist Gilbert Deya faces fresh accusations of providing a UK court with fake documents.

Deya is accused of providing the City of Westminster magistrate’s court with a fake court order from the High court of Kenya. The fake order claims all charges before the court in Kenya against him have been dropped in connection with a child trafficking racket.

Deya faces charges of child trafficking in Kenya in a scam where he and his wife are accused of “praying” for infertile or post-menopausal British women to bear children through his Gildert Deya Ministries. The couple would then have the women to travel to Kenya to deliver “miracle babies” and return to the UK with the new-borns. The new-borns were in actual fact not miracle babies but were stolen from their real mothers in Kenya.

The preacher, in charge of a charge said to have over 18,000 followers in the UK, has been wanted in Kenya since 2004. He has been fighting extradition to Kenya since 2007, and the fake Kenyan order is believed to have been an attempt by him to convince the UK court to drop the extradition process on grounds that he was no longer wanted in Kenya.

High Court judge, Justice Roselyne Aburili has ordered an investigation into how Deya received the fake court document.

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