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Kenyans 70 and Older to Receive Monthly Stipends, Free Medical Insurance from January 2018

All Kenyan citizens 70 years and older will receive a monthly stipend as well free medical insurance from the government starting in January, 2018, Treasury Cabinet Secretary announced on Thursday.

Rotich said the government will set aside Sh7.4 billion in the 2017/2018 budget that he tabled before parliament on Thursday for the senior citizens’ stipend as well as medical cover from the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

The benefits will be extended to all senior citizens regardless of their current economic situation, said Rotich. “I therefore propose that beginning January 2018, all persons above the age of 70 years will receive a cash transfer in the form of a monthly stipend and NHIF cover that will be paid by the Government,” said Rotich.


Is this another way of looting? How come all of a sudden we have funds for senior citizens. If the money really got to the people intended then we would have reasoning however if history serves us well, this is just another lame reason to entice the seniors who may have influence on who to vote for in the coming elections. We don't even know how many seniors e have I n Kenya, how can they justify that that amount will be used for the seniors. In addition, just because medical insurance is being offered does not necessarily translate to great healthcare. That money should be used to improve the state of our hospitals so that seniors can be cared for adequately rather than fragented care . I have seen this kind of enticement before. Time will tell.

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