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Death Announcement for Joan Njeri Gitau (JoJo) of Lowell, Massachusetts

It is with acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Joan Njeri Gitau (JoJo) of PCEA Neema Church on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017.

She was the mother of Jane Wambui Njoroge and daughter of Frashia Wanja Gitau also of PCEA Neema Church.

She was also a niece to Esther Karanja, Isabella Gitau, Peter Gitau, Julia Njenga and Edwin Njenga and a granddaughter of Edward and Jane Gitau Njui.

Friends and family are meeting daily for prayers and support to the family at her mother Frashia’s House; 9 Caddell Avenue, Lowell, MA 01851.

Esther Karanja: 978-601-3314
Isabellla Gitau: 978-728-1415
Peter Gĩtau: 987-899-61305

Let’s join hands together as a community and support this family during this very difficult moment.


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