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Lawyer Urges Kenyans Residing Illegally in US to Seek Legal Advice

Immigration experts are urging Kenyans living in the US illegally to familiarise themselves with their legal rights as President Donald Trump's administration steps up raids.

Kenyan-born Texas Immigration Attorney Sarah Wairimu Brooks says people should first seek legal counsel before engaging with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers.

She also said that "those who are here illegally should start saving money in their account for bond. I recommend having a savings of at least $10,000 (Sh1m) for bond".

She explained that the Kenyans must carry documents that ascertain their presence in the country.

US immigration authorities launched a series of raids, traffic stops and checkpoints in at least half a dozen states across the country on Thursday and Friday against undocumented migrants.

The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency rounded up undocumented individuals living in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and other cities.

The raids targeted those who have been charged with crime, which is different from Barack Obama's that focused more on repeat offenders or those who had been convicted with serious crimes.

Approximately, 11 million illegal migrants reside in US.

The crack downs have provoked protests in places such as Texas.

The Trump administration is facing a series of legal challenges over a recent ban on travellers from seven majority Muslim countries.

By Chris Wamalwa,

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