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US Government to Help IEBC Clean Up Voters' Register

The US government will offer the IEBC technical support to clean up the voters’ register, Ambassador Robert Godec said yesterday.

He spoke in Garissa town after visiting a registration centre. Godec said the clean-up is important to ensure credible polls. “Through voting, Kenyans get to express their hopes,” he said.

- The Star


Mkenya halisi

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 23:49

Sir keep yr help to yrself u can use the same help to help clean the USA one coz it was interfered with by Russia.When r this idiots gonna stop interfering with Africa bedroom issues???If u must help please stay away our minds r still fresh which side u support since 2007/08 n 2013.We remember if u vote for uhuruto we will face consequences.I thot trump has fired this guy back to dc.

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