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Crafts Kenya: Importers of African Crafts – Get Quality Handmade African Jewelry at Competitive Wholesale Rates

African Bracelets

1. Maasai Beaded Bracelets
2. Set Of 4 Assorted Cowrie Shell Bracelets
3. Cowrie Shell Bracelet: Black   
4. Cowrie Shell Bracelet: Pan-African   
5. Kitenge Swirl Bracelet: ASSORTED
6. Set Of 12 Assorted Bone Bracelets
7. Kenyan Beaded Leather Bracelet
8. African Beaded Wide Leather Bracelet
9. Maasai Beaded Bracelets - Clip-On    
10. Maasai Beaded Bracelet - Wrap-Around
11. And More... Go to




​African Necklaces

1. Set Of 12 Necklaces
2. Kitenge Choker: ASSORTED  
3. Maasai Wedding Necklace 
4. Ghana Trade Bead Long Necklace
5. XL Amber Bead Necklace   
6. Maasai Beaded Neck Piece   
7. African Festival Necklace: ASSORTED 
8. Set Of 10 Beaded Quill & Bone Necklaces   
9. Kenyan Bead Necklace - Assorted Colors 
10. And More... Go to




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